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Gay Man Sues Bible Publisher - The Gay Christian Network

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Canton, MI- The State of Michigan allows homosexuals to be fired from their job for being gay. But how; after all, the Michigan, Elliot-Larsen Civil Right Act forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation.

This is why certified paralegal and author, B. L. Fowler developed a new book entitled Why Homosexuals Deserve Equality Rights-An Empowerment Guide. After all, he is too familiar with the challenges homosexuals face in Michigan. In fact, he has been ridiculed, verbally abused, and assaulted for being openly gay, while attending both middle and high schools in Michigan.

Yet, despite the uphill battles this author has faced, he has reached a pinnacle of self acceptance; and established a new frontier in defending equality rights for LGBT people. In fact, his plight began in 2008, when he filed a civil complaint against the Michigan based Bible publisher Zondervan Corporation; for implementing the term “homosexual” in the many Bibles it publishes. And surprisingly, his argument not only included the Elliot-Larsen Civil Right Act clause that forbids any Michigan corporation from publishing material, literature or booklets that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. But, he also pointed out biblical scripture that supported his claim.

As a result, this former Christian Writer’s Guild member and Universal Life Church Ordained Minister approached the United States Supreme Court with an enthralling Writ of Certiorari. Afterwards, he felt compelled to develop a thought-provoking study guide to aid LGBT members, nationally; with creditable court cases ruled in the lower courts and the Supreme Court regarding defamation of character, civil liability, and the infamous First Amendment right to religious beliefs. Yet, his biggest defense includes the Fourteenth Amendment.

Ideally, author B. L. Fowler was reared in a home built on religious beliefs. In fact, he admits his dad threatened to break both his legs before allowing him to be gay. He adds, “My mother was a lot different; she chastised me with verbal and physical assaults from time-to-time.”

Even worse, he says, “Kids at school often teased me and chased me home from school, because I was gay.”

Much like other LGBT people, author B. L. Fowler faced many other challenges growing up. However, the accomplished author doesn’t hide his homosexuality any longer. In fact, he says, “Today’s society has changed tremendously towards accepting homosexuals. So why should I remain closeted?”

In fact, he feels the issue all LGBT members face towards gaining equality rights in America is based on religious teaching and traditions. He says, “Many religious followers neglect to understand who revises the scripture and/or realize who actually implemented the term “homosexual” within the Bible.”

This is the very reason why he completed Why Homosexuals Deserve Equality Rights-An Empowerment Guide. He says, “Becoming a paralegal has allotted me the chance to gain clarity on what the Declaration of Independence was established for. It also has provided essential knowledge on the U.S. Constitution. After all, even though the Constitution takes precedence, many people neglect to understand that each state and commonwealth possesses its own Constitution.”

In fact, his new book is packed with countless other benefits including: case law, Christian scripture, which forbids discriminating against anyone; and, personal testimony from Richard Hatch and Professor Mel Sea Sholtz, of Penn State University.

Meanwhile, even though some same-sex couples have gained the right to marry in several states located on the East Coast; such marriages are not recognized around the nation. And because of this, the LGBT community continues to face opposition towards gaining the equality rights the law implores all U.S. citizens. But, author B. L. Fowler believes this will soon change, simply because the rules have been signed. He feels people need to be more aware that rules and policies exist to help better our circumstances.

In addition, author B.L. Fowler has authored several other books including We Err Not Knowing or Studying The Scripture-Matthew 22:29, which unfolds a dynamic journey into the history of Christianity and how the religious doctrine was developed; how it continues to evolve; and even conveys when the term “homosexuality” was actually added to the Bible; and speculation, why it was added.

He also authored Professor Stanley Defends The Word of God. This fiction novel depicts the challenges Professor Stanley faces daily, while trying to maintain his career and personal life, as an openly gay man, in a chaotic world. Interestingly, this novel conveys the legal trial Professor Stanley endures when he takes the Bible Committee to court for incorporating the term “homosexual” in the Bible. Surprisingly, the decision rendered by the jury in this case is shocking!

To read excerpts from any of these book, log on to http://matthew2229.webs.com; where you can also learn more about author B. L. Fowler.


i would like to know more about the outcome of the case...


interesting. good for the LGBT community

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