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Need's a Title: - Gay Guys! <3

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The taste of his sweet love of your kiss still lingers on his lips
A passion that's growing stronger every waking moment, hour, minute, and second
The lust-fullness look of wanting him, hungers you for more

Searching for words to try and speak; nothing happens
Your heart beats fast every time you think of him
Wondering if there's a possible strong relationship in the future

Nothing seems to be or look's the same
Tastes are different, feeling's that haven't been felt for a long time are coming back now
Everyone around you is getting jealous at the prize you have reaped

Feeling empowered, like a King, from the treasure standing before you
Yet the past still continues to linger and hunt you at every thought of him
Wanting to let it go; to burn it; to set free

Nightmares keep you awake at night; restless thoughts that obits you
A remorselessness ending that repeats itself
Trapped in an abyss that hides you from the truth

No heaven to set you free, is strong enough to break your chains
Your wings have been stripped from your lifeless body
Alas, the mere thought of him continues to give you an endless amount of hope

In a dark excluded room, you pray - a prayer you've never heard or thought of

Yet it's only a dream that seems real, that feels real, and looks real
A dream that you can't wake up from
The type of dream you want to erase from your memory

It's only an endless abyss of a dream, that is now the end.


I don't have a title for you, but this is really, really good. It ends so sadly, though! What happened to the happiness of the first four stanzas?


I think u should call it ...HIM.....


Kyle i can't help with a title but I like the poem....

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