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We used to paint the town red like a rose ...

the color of the flower, warm and sweet ...

the color of a heart, the blood which flows.

Today, that color`s changed and there's no beat.

A blackness fell upon the world we knew ...

the black of death and sadness, autumn`s chill.

The black we see when eyes are closed ... I`m blue

as I beat this dead horse ... I want it still!

We`re black and blue. Love`s angry, cold and mean.

We needed rainbows, clouds got in the way.

We should have used more yellow, orange, green.

And now? Why paint? The rain is on its way.

That`s what we get for painting with one brush.

We must accept our colors and ... the blush.


Devon I really like your poem. I see possibly losing someone special in your life to a disease and they are gone and the whole world is dark right now.

Here is a poem I would like to share with you:

"The Spirit Sees"

The Spirit looked out.
and into the night,
floating in a vanishing light,
Watching those in mourning,
Standing like willow tress,
With hearts drowining,
And sorrow sticking to the breeze.

Sad condolences,
Found their way,
To dazed and bewildered minds,
Helping each other,
Rind peace in their hearts.

No one is ever prepared,
Even when they know,
God is planning and close at hand,
Justifying the cycle of life,
Of our poor saddened souls,
Having mercy,
Saying prayers,
For the spirits that we hold.

Transition is felt in the air
For a moment:;
Even birds are seen,
With more clarity,
Of where they have been,
Symbols of eternity
and Life;
Then the anguish falls down,
Upon our heads,
And the world disappears.

As we comfort each other,
Or stand alone,
Looking at the world,
The wind takes a different direction,
And for a moment,
The chaos in our minds,
Settles down,
As we say our prayers.

The Spirit surrounds us,
Caressing us with Love,
To help us move forward,
Mending our broken hearts.
The tears dry around our face,
Clearing the sadness,
From the dungeons of our souls,
Finding renewed strength,
As each day goes.

Let us walk proud,
With tranquil grace,
Send a gently smile,
To the Spirit
We feel and embrace,
Bid a welcome goodbye,
To a higher place,
Where no pain shall dwell,
And with peace and happiness,
We give to our loved one,
Lifts the Spirit with Love,
And heavenly grace.

I have rewritten this poem several times because being a caretaker I see things differently now. I spoke to a lady who had died 6 times in 2 days and she is now walking again and doing for herself more each day.
She told me all she remembers is the bright light surrounding many souls and she wanted was for her loved ones to be happy.


good poem, very inspiring. dead like red for me is in reference to a past relationship of mine, yes, but the death of emotion on his part, as time went on. seeing the world and love with rose tinted glasses in the beginning but then blind as to why he changed and changed so quickly, without reason, like the seasons changing. it was summer to winter within a period of about one week.