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Feeling your un-justful emotions, a power not recognized Anger grows deep in your heart, leaving a scare behind Confusion flutters your thinking making it harder to break free Remembering the past and how everything once was Wishing to travel back and to collect what's rightfully yours Alas, fear stops you in your tracks; chains holding you down Wanting to scream out loud my name, you try and try, but nothing happens Not even a crack in your throat, no one hears a word you say Ignorance flutters the air, making it hard to breathe, like a thick smoke in the night A trap that wont let you go, sitting in utter and complete silence Waiting. Watching. Hoping. Praying. Nothing's happening A prison cell, with only one prisoner in the whole complex Wondering if there's a chance to break free Wanting to taste the sweet bitter salt air that once filled your nose Waking up, and to your dismay it was all just a dream...


You didn't tell me you wrote poetry!


How about "Smoke in the Night"...bring forth a lot of imagery...I like you poem Kyle )


Thank you, Bernie and Trace for your comments! XD

This particular poem is, in some words or less, reflects more on the past, if that makes sense. "Smoke," is used as something clouding or hazing an inability to pass judgement, to which-ever situation in life.

How about, "A Blinding Dream"?


I like it, it fits.


Very nice poem and I think "A Blinding Dream is a good one,,,