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Writing? - Your WRITES

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You're talking to someone who can sit for hours and just write about the most random and stupid things on life that has nothing to do with me, or anyone in-directly.

And yet, writing is one my passions, my dreams. When I write, I write like I would speak to someone. Writing, to me, is like having a conversation with someone, when there's no-one to talk to late at night.

Poems? -scuffs- I LOVE poems! They are my weakness. My Goddess. My life! Sadly... I've lost a great amount of my work, and will never be able to get it back, unless my brain strikes a light bulb and starts remembering all of my work.

Has losing my work stopped me from writing? And writing poems? No! When I get in a verge of wanting to write, especially at random times when I have no material to write with, I get flustered, I get SO aggravated it's not even funny! LOL!

That, to me, is a passion for writing, for poems, especially for someone who has little to no sense when it comes to the English Language.

Nothing will EVER keep me from my passion!


Awesome! Lol I get how you feel too, when you have nothing to write about but you just REALLY wanna write and you get mad that you can't x3

I love how you word things and your writing styles! This was really good and I can't wait for more from you I gives you many thumbs up for you amazing writing~ lol x3


Thank you, thank you, very much! LOL! As I've mentioned before, writing - either letter and/or business style or poems, is a way that I feel comfortable expressing myself.

It's about the easiest form of expression, and the ONLY thing that can't be physically taken away from us.