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Who wants this misfit? Oh God no, not me!

Not capable of normal living ... that ...

that wimp right there beneath that family tree!

It`s anti-social and can`t interact!

Talks to itself in riddles night and day!

It plays with dolls and likes to run a muck!

A sissy who just rhymes the time away!

It needs some love? Oh, I don`t give a fuck!

Who wants this kid? It screams just like a girl ...

cries over milk which spilled so long ago ...

perhaps its mother's on the Tilt-a-Whirl?

Perhaps was dad`s? The world may never know!

Oh, look! Just stick it in a plastic bag!

Now, tie it tight, and there goes one less fag!

By: Bryon D. Howell


Thanks for the kind words. I am used to posting my poems and having to endure rude comments. Thank you much!


well then those people must not be very good poets...i'm not such a great professional poet myself...but i consider poetry to be from the thoughts and feelings of others...and you can never tell someone that his feelings and thoughts are wrong...and well there's no wrong way to express yourself...so i think it's good...

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