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Blinded by illusion and misguided by false hope,
breaking away from everyone, including myself,
oblivious and lost, I have reached the end of my rope,
how can I again find the path towards my true self?

Easy to say, and it is such a common belief,
what doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger,
but as my heart bleeds, drowning me with grief,
I've lost a part of myself and can’t hold on any longer.

Reality comes, taking away what is too good to be true,
some say this sign from the universe or the sky above,
but it has taken away the only person I could ever turn to,
betrayed and rejected by one who had my respect and love.

This tiny piece held a special place close to my heart,
losing even the smallest of things still has a great cost,
leaving an emptiness that now seeks to tear me apart,
but I try to remember that not everything in my life is lost.

To think my life revolved around one being makes no sense,
I lost sight of those who truly deserved me so much more,
I should ask them to forgive me for such offense,
I only wish to restore myself to how I was before.

Reality sets in and shows me what is truly meant to be,
though I’m left with a shadow of only one “best friend”,
I’m surrounded by my real friends that are still with me,
I know they will always love me and stand by me till the end.

The emptiness has left me; I’m filled with nothing but joy,
I've begun to remember what it means to trust and love,
there is much more in my life I must live and learn to enjoy,
this truly must be a sign from the universe or the sky above.

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