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sunshine in a cup - Poetry Group

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drouning in my own tears
fighting my demonic fears
need to put bak my smile on my face again,
stuff my pain
in a bag
and throw into over the edge.
as i went to near the ledge
now i have to fight my way bak up.
sunshine in a cup.
trap my hate in a wedge of concrete.
and try to over come this feeling and become happy and sweet


Yea we can all feel that way sometime. Misery is all part of the circle of life. But so is happiness, melancholy feelings, thinking what we must accomplish, setting goals to improve our lives, putting some spontaneity into our lives to break up the hum drum monotony of every day life and let the demons of pain, boredom,and sorrow fall into an abyss and try not to visit it too much even though it beckons us
sometimes because we have not resolved the problems that haunt us.


Yes vary good