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Can't Fight It. (somewhat graphic) - Poetry Group

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I run from the black mist threatening my whole body with temptation.
Each step becoming more laboring.
I look back to see nothing, all is gone.
Running is my only option now.
Everything I ever knew left behind.
Swallowed by the very demon I evoked.
Thoughts and reason slowly escapes my mind,
as total fear ecompasses my being.
No where to run, no where to hide.
I try to face my unforgivable mistake but all I see is black.
The mist has evolved to a thick black fog.
Feeding from the very fear I can't shake off.
The strength I'm searching for seems to be lost with everything else.
Is giving up an option?
Just let go and be dominated by...
My temptations taunt me, like it's a game.
An unwinnable game.
My mind starts to spin uncontrollably causing me to feel faint.
I close my eyes to try and gain some balance, but to no avail.
It's too late, I fall to the ground.
Begging for serenity or safety.
Tears begin to stream down my face, an unconcievable pain I can't hide from.
The tears feel like blades dripping down my cheeks,
leaving little red trails all the way to my shirt.
I slowly reach in my pocket to find the missing piece of this puzzle.
One little piece that can make it all go away.
Grabbing it in two fingers I hold it against myself,
this little blade looks like my salvation.
I gently run it across my skin as though teasing it.
In one swift move I push down hard and pull,
the spinning stops as I see drops of crimpson dripping down.
Beautiful crimpson caressing my skin,
like a soft blanket warming me from the inside out.
The bleeding begins to slow as I hold my shirt sleeve against my arm.
I still feel the warmth from under my sleeve,
taunting me to look.
I remove the fabric to see a new scar forming.
Each scar a reminder that I can't escape the temptation.
Another tear falls, and another, and another.
Why can't I resist?
I lay here curled up in a ball staring at the blade with fresh blood on it.
Hoping one day I will learn...


I sincerely hope you are not considering suicide. If you are, let's talk. I may be able to help just by listening to you and being a friend.


Dark Places Of My Mind (A Little Disturbing)

The dark places of my mind
are where no one dares see
it is so unkind
I don't even like it there, maybe that is just me.

I have been there so many times
it holds me there at times like a prison
there is no reason
like I've done some horrible crime.

It makes no sense
this certain place
without a pretense
just a lot of malice.

I wonder about these dark places
wonder why they keep leading me there
so many empty places
I really don't want to be.

There is a place I know
where no one else will go
and that place myself
is one I'd like to put back on a shelf
and keep it there for life.

Copyright 2011 by Mark Cutler


omg that was soo evokin and powerfull i have loads of poems like this omg i felt so much power from this



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