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Read this first before posting! - Your WRITES

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First thing to know, everyone is welcome to this group! No matter what gender, what age, or sexual orientation, you are all welcome to post and join~

Just please follow some guidelines:

When posting some work, be prepared to get feedback, complimenting or criticizing

If you are giving feedback, please be encouraging and polite, don't be dictating or rude!

If you received criticizing feedback please don't be too mad about it, they're just trying to help you improve for the future

If there is a fight, which I hope you all will try to avoid, take it else where! Not in this group!!

Please when posting something, if it has a bit of a theme for older readers put on the title that its for people 18+ or something! I don't want people to be offended by it or anything...

And if you have a problem, like a reasonable and rational problem feel free to message me!

Other than that you guys are free to post!


Thank you for the warm welcome~
I actually post some of my poetry on a different site so sometimes, instead of rewriting it should I post it, I think I'll just leave a link. I hope that's just as okay. ^_^


that's perfectly fine

I can't wait to read some of your writing~!

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