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hello.. - Gay Guys! <3

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i have a past serious relationship to a woman, she is also a nurse but assined in israel, we are about 3 years strongly relationship... i decided to break up with her 6 months ago now as she neglect me after she meet a rich man there... for me its really hurtings and bringing me downs in my life all the time as drags by... its a great fear on me to be hurt again... and i hate sometimes on girls.. do i consider myelf of being a post traumatic?... as i hate even to look for a girls... and thats the reason i join in this site as i feel i will be happy here....


I`ve have been whare you are now,and got the tee shirt. ( Three tee shirt`s ).
At the moment,the Hurt is Going,but i don`t think that i will not Ever Trust any one
100% ever again. But at the same time,i am finding that with the Passing of
Time.My Life is becoming a lot more easyer. lol.


Sometimes, the company of a man is better than tthe company of a woman, i live that even if i'm happy in my life with my wife.
The problem is that i'm always alone, my wife work hard all the day long and she's tired when she comes back from work.
I've joined this website because i have more fun with men on chat and it entertain me when i'm alone


Arvin, I seriously hope you feel comfortable here and that guys don't hit on you too much unless you want that. I think you are beautiful!