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confusion,nothing more nothing less.
where do i go now,
im just a fat cow,
nothing seems clear anymore,
lost in my own insecure,
i go to bed and i cry,
lying there in shame and disappointment,
whats the best way to be sent away to never c anouther day.
no friends no life,
no love no wife.
all alone in this fear bubble clone.
all i do is moan and cry oh y oh y do i have to be the shy one who sleeps in fantasy world.
i just wonna be a average girl,


"wow" powerful, i feel ur pain in thiis, nice.


Much stronger graphic images with the words you use." No friends, no life, no love, no wife." has a nice 'ring' to it. If you get what I mean. ahhaa.


Yes,i can feel what you are Feeling
hear,Amber ............Vary Good.!!!!!!!!!.


wowww thats good!!!

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