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so I was in youtube a couple days ago and saw the I hate religion but love Jesus video and I was moved i dont go to church as often as I did before high school but i still pray and read my bible for guidence is it bad that i dont go to church every sunday? I have a reason though there are no young adults attending my church or teenagers its all family based ( i mean that not a bad thing but still) its getting old and im going off to college next year so idk... its difficult :/


Well the third commandment says
“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

However, I work sometimes on Sunday and get paid double time so you could say I am committing a sin there.

I encourage you to go to church but you must be willing to go yourself. I remember a few years ago I would just go to church and treat like a chore but now I cant wait to go every weekend and spend at least 50 minutes with God.

Those 50 minutes I forget myself and forget who I am surrounded and hang out with God.

So I cannot say that you not going to church is bad as I have no right to say it.
Skylar listen to your heart and what it says. You will know then whether you not going to church is a bad thing or not.

You need to find what suits you best and not be influenced by what others do.
These my thoughts anyway, feel free to consider them or not


This is how I see it; we are asked to keep the Sabbath; technically it's a Saturday and not a Sunday which can make it difficult for some. In any case, I do not believe that being absent from church is a sin. Church can be anywhere; your kitchen, living room, friend's house or under a tree. The purpose, I believe, for going to a building is to have the opportunity to worship the Lord with others of like mind. To share the word with one another and to learn and grow with the body of Christ [people]. There are far too many people who do go to church every Sunday, but their behavior does not reflect it. Going to church doesn't make or brake you. Someone once said that, just as sitting in a garage every week doesn't make you a car, sitting in a church every week doesn't make you a Christian.

Going can be important when you find the right place; where your spirit will be fed and where you can meet and build relationships with people who believe as you do, can pray with and for you, and where you are free to worship. Where you pray is not very important; as long as you do pray; build that relationship between yourself and the Lord and trust in Him to help you find the right place to worship. Just my two cents


thanks i really appriciate this guys i dont feel alone any more :]


Skylar, I stopped going to church a few years ago because of "heavy shepherding". I won't go into details but suffice to say, some pastors think they can control your lives. They can't.
Since coming out in November, I've been going to a MCC church, which is inclusive - i.e. mostly gay people attend there. It is a bit of a way from here but they have been so welcoming. It has been like a haven for me in the midst of the storm, that has been raging around me.
The Sunday after next will be my last one with them and I hope to say a few words of thanks for their support.
You will see on my profile that I am off to Malaysia in just under 3 weeks time. I'm counting the days until J and I are together.
He is also a Christian, and knows that God loves him and me.
Remember, Skylar, follow your dream, do not be diverted by those who would seek to crush it and keep u in a box so that they can keep an eye on u and control u. U have the rest of ur life in front of u. LIVE IT, my friend.


i don't feel it is necessarily my christian duty to go to a church having someone else tell me what God is trying to say in their words. people have been so horribly mislead by "churches" in the past and still so today. i believe it is possible to set a day aside and have a bible study session with yourself or a few close friends. how church was originally held.

true..it's important to spend time with God. it's ideal for that time to be an everyday commitment, though. like some of us wake up and exercise in the morning building up our physical health. we should be practicing the same idea with our faith.

i've been to the gay inclusive churches run by gay people and their sermons are all the same every sunday. "it's ok to be gay." "God knew who you were before you knew." i know that LGBT Christians need that spiritual reassurance. but, how about you have your own spiritual therapy session with your pastor so everyone else can move on in the congregation. i promise, i'm not trying to be mean, here. it's just disappointing.

the only thing i miss about church would be the praise and worship. everything else i've really benefited from home studying The Word with God's guidance, not man's.

if it will really calm your spirit a bit to be a part of the "church" atmosphere. some have moved up in the technology world and record their services online at their chruch's website!
example from the Community Gospel Church in Houston: http://www.communitygospel.org/videos/worshipservicesvideos.html


for me...church and loving Jesus......and religion are two separate things.....I hate religion ....religion is just a man made thing... rules and regulations, orders of service etc... Christianity is faith and hope and love and freedom and being part of a church thats loves to worship and has a desire to see revival in our land...etc etc...


never been to a gay church tho...wouldent mind a visit one of these days !


you dont know hoe happy this is making me guys I feel like everything is clearer now with where I stand with my relationship with God thankk for the the amazing explanations I really appriciate it !


check out world revival church from kansas city on the net...steve and kathy gray lead its.... on daystar tv around 11 30 sat mornings...i hooked up with these guys a couple of years ago...great teaching etc ..real passion and reaching out to the nations..


Just another thing to consider.....when you get to college you can then have awesome opportunities to check out churches that will be full of young people. You can try as many as you need. You shouldn't be to alone in your Christian walk. It's helpful to have friends of similar belief when storms come. Just one more reason to rejoice for the whole freedom and on your own. I pretty much agree with all these folks who have shared. Take care and God bless you Skylar!