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Donnies' grandma passed - The Gay Christian Network

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At around 12:30 today. Edna Fisher has gone on to meet her Lord and loved ones who have gone before her. They wish to thank everyone for their prayers and request continual prayer as many family members travel to Pennsylvania for the funeral. Please pray for each family member in their time of grief. Continue to pray as the Holy Spirit leads. Thank you.


Sun., Jan 15th, 12, 14:30 Hrs. M.S.T.
Thanks for Keep Us Posted. My Condolances to Those Involved May the Great One B With Those In Time of Their Needs etc.
Special Thanks Debbie, Your Great to Have as an Associate.


so sorry to Hear my condolences to you and the family unfortunaly I bearly remember my nanny she passed away when I was 6 , you were lucky


Hugs and prayers for you and Donnie. Michael I know that you two have been each other's rock for over 24 years now and together you will support each other through this. Let me know what more I can do for the two of you.



Hi so sorry to hear that i will as always remember you in my prayers.


It turns out that grammie (Edna) was waiting for someone to come. A cousin of Donnies'. After saying his goodbye as he walked toward the door, she slipped away. The viewing is Tues. 4-8pm. The funeral is Wed. @ 11:00 E.S.T.

Thank you for keeping Donnie, Mike and Ednas' family in your prayers.

Hugs or a shoulder to rest on for you both.


Thank you soo much for finding that and posting it Timothy! What a beautiful woman!


Although I'm not a Christian, I would also like to express my condolences to Donnies' Grandma, and join you praying for all our sincere members here!

God bless you all!


I would like to say Thank you all for your prayers and comments..Tim Again I would say Thank you for searching for and posting the link to see Grammom Fisher..
This is why I was happy to take over the group because I knew that when anyone needs prayer we come together as one..
May God be with each and everyone...
God Bless
Mike and Donnie