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Have u ever had a PARANORMAL experience? - The Gay Christian Network

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I used to hear people talk about having experiences that seemed unusual or out of this world. I was skeptical and thought they just imagined or dreamt such things , until one day.......

I was lying on my bed with my eyes closed, relaxing and hoping to enjoy some nice, quiet nap in the afternoon.

I was alone in the house that day, i will never forget! When i was lying on my stomach, i felt as if someone was massaging my back. I reached out to touch my back coz i wondered what was up.
They gently put my hand on my side and continued to massage my back. Their hands felt cool and my back felt good.

However, when i opened my eyes and looked around, there was NO ONE! Gosh, i was so shocked that i had to check the whole house.Till today, i dont understand what had happened and who that was


Hi Trisha

Paranormal experiences are not at all uncommon but the Christian church does not encourage that sort of thing, it's largely outside what they teach and in their eyes Pastors, Ministers and Priests are supposed to be the only ones who are allowed to have those experiences. WRONG!!!

I had a paranormal experience on the evening of the 23rd December 1977.
I had gone to bed and had a vision of what seemed like a Chinese temple courtyard. Behind the courtyard was the temple. That didn't seem to indicate anything in particular but then it transformed into a figure lying alongside me. In the weeks prior to that I'd been reading in the Bible about the disciple that Jesus loved reclining on his breast. That was an experience and the closeness to Jesus that I really wanted at that time. Naturally I assumed it to be Jesus and I could even feel the hairs on his chest. He was also clothed in a white misty kind of cloud. It seemed to last for a few minutes and then faded. I was literally on 'Cloud 9'. The next day i shared that experience with good friends at my church. All except one told me that 'that sort of thing just doesn't happen' and 'what rubbish'. Well I was there and I wasn't out of my mind. Several people tried to counsel me but I knew what I had seen and experienced. It was the beginning of a life-change for me which took several years to work out.

These days I don't believe it was Jesus but that it was my Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide making themselves known to me. Since those days and having been thrown out of the church I was in for being Gay, I now belong to a Spiritualist church where personal experiences are valued and not spoken against and I have a much better idea of what actually happened those 35 or so years ago.

Other people I've spoken to have had various other paranormal experiences also.

God Bless


Oh well, one can never know what really happened after such an experience. One can only guess


If you are talking about ghosts, then yes. I have been touched by someone dear to me once, who passed on many years ago.


Am not talkingabout ghosts Mark, am talking about a spirit or "unseen force"
that seems divine


Sat., Jan 14th, 12, 22:00 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
I've Seen Shows That Deal on This Subject - FBI Files, Potourguist Plus a Few Others etc. I Think People DO Have These Experiences in Their Lives at One Time or Another. Normal - YES in My Book. I Think a Lot of Clergy in
Various Religions FEAR the Paramormal as They See It as a THREAT to
Their Right to Counsel Others as They SEE Fit, NOT Always to the Betterment to People Involved.


Hi Andrew, your thoughts are exactly what I've found. The clergy do fear the paranormal and they are of a mind that these experiences should only happen to them. They did try to counsel me as they saw fit and certainly were not helpful to me at the time neither was there any love evident. They were only interested in me following their own ideas. I know and trust several ordinary sane people who have experienced these happenings. I am not talking about someone 'trying' to have these experiences, there are ways of doing that which are not helpful, but I am speaking of those of us who have not sought any 'experience' and yet it happens, 'out of the blue' so to speak. In my own case, I had belonged to a fundamentalist church and they did their best to confuse me and to say it was from 'the devil'. They suggested that I needed to be exorcised and like an idiot I allowed them to carry that out. It put me back about 13 years and have since renounced that exorcism and that church's ideas. They were clearly not correct. For a long time now I have been meeting with people who recognize these matters and deal with them in a very mature way.


Well, it is unfortunate that the truth of the paranormal can never be really known. Only God knows what lurks in the shadows!


The Dark Shadow always knows.......lol

But seriously speaking I have had a great deal of paranormal experiences including preminition dreams. I see a situation in a dream and in the dream I say something or do something very unknowongly that causes someone stress .fear or anger. I don't remember the dreams until I'm in the situations and see how it unfolded before giving me just enough time to adjust my answer in order to change the out come for the better. Some spiritual gifts edge on what we call paranormal activity.

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