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A very dear friend is in need of prayer. His name is Donnie (many of you know his long time partner Micheal Wolfe) and he received a call in the middle of the night asking him to come because his grandmother was not doing well. Please pray for The Lord to surround them with His tender mercy and peace.

I just ask our Lord to fill you with His love and if it is her time to depart this place that she not suffer. Lord Jesus please comfort them and allow them to feel your loving embrace in this very difficult time.

My prayers are with you both bro.
Call when you need.
Sending supportive hugs


Ditto will also pray for him please keep us informed how things go.


Dear Heavenly Father, I want to lift before you the family of this precious woman. I know that she has lived her life in dedication to you. Please give the family peace and comfort in knowing that she will finally be free of all earthly pains. Father let her family feel your warm and steady armd wrapped around them right now and in the coming months and even years as they continue to grieve...let them feel a peace that she is free and let them feel loved and finally home.

Father be with Donnie and Michael, may they grow stronger and closer through all of this and may their friends not forget to be tender with them for a while after all of this happens. May they continue to be blessed as they have blessed so many.

In the name of Your Son Jesus,


I heard from Mike last night. They were giving Donnies' grandmother morphine every 2 hrs. to keep her a bit more comfortable and asked that the family make arrangements to come see and be with her. Please pray for travel mercies. Please pray as the Holy Sprit leads for the family of this dear women. Thank You


In my prayers and sending you a big hug.


They are giving her a bit more morphine but she remaons to hold on. They have all encouraged her to go, please pray for her to feel the peace she needs to cross over into the arms of her Lord.

Family members made it there safely but now face snow and sleet in the days ahead, ask again that the Lord keeps His hands on them as they travel to and from hospital and motels. Thank You.


We would like to Thank everyone for your prayers and comments...We will be heading home tomorrow so I ask everyone to keep the praters coming for us to have a safe trip home...


Hi wishing you both safe Journey home and to say we missed you.
Lots of love hugs and prayers Ian xxxx


I will be praying for her, too.


I again want to thank everyone for there prayers and comment and also all of the message I got...Gram is gone but never forgotten we will see here again..The Family is happy to see that we as gay people come together from around the world to pray for those that are sick and dying..The family also thought that it was very nice of Tim for searching out her obit and posting it...
My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you and will always be..
God Bless my Gays.com family...You all are truely my friends...

Your Brother in Christ
Mike & Donnie


Jan 29th, 12, 19:20 Hrs. M.S.T.
We Are Family, so Goes the Song. We are Family Because We Stick Together as a Group When Things Get Rough and Yes It Happens at Times. We All Learn Something as a Group and Thats One of the Reasons We Do Well.


Thank you Andrew....