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Can u HATE God but LOVE urself and others? is it POSSIBLE? - The Gay Christian Network

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Can someone NOT love God but manage to love themself and others? Do u believe that GOD=LOVE, therefore, NO GOD=NO LOVE?

I think it is impossible to hate God but love oneself and thy neighbour. It's ALL or nothing from the way i see it.
Trust me, am talking from experience.

There was a time, i didnt like God. I realized, i could not love myself and others properly. It was NOT happening. When i started to love God again, it all came back and loving myself and others was possible again.


Hi Trisha,
First of all, the funny thing [not ha, ha funny] is that one cannot "hate" someone or something unless they believe it exists. Those who hate God may be simply struggling with questions that are not being answered or the answers they get are not truthful and create a feeling of dislike or hate for God.
As for the ability to love self and others while not loving God, I believe that it is possible. I believe that there are many people in this world who do not truly know God and so don't have the love for God or of God, but do have the ability to love; just not in the way He wants for us. We were created in His likeness and in His image. God is love and so we were created with it and have the ability to love even if there is no love for God.

The difference is that one who does not have the love of God does not have the capacity in which to love the way that He loves us. I look at it this way: I have a tall glass filled half way with water. I am able to quench my thirst, but eventually that water will be gone and my thirst will never be quenched as it should. Those without the love of God will have the ability to love and be loved, but not to the capacity that the Father has for us. I hope that made sense. The good news is that eventually all will know of God and will have that opportunity to accept and have a relationship with Christ. Then, there will be a well that never goes dry and a love like never known before.


Well, Susan, it seems that when we humans talk abotu love, we have different versions or ideas on what love is.

For some, love is providing material benefits to others only. For others, it's spending quality time and for some, something else.

Anyway, i just feel that it is impossible to truly love another human without loving God first. Those who truly love themselves and others and dont know God, does not mean they do not love God. It just means that they havent gotten the chance to know God. Once they know God, the natural love for God will come.


I totally agree that there are different ways in which one loves. I believe that there are 3 kinds of love. The first is Philos which is the love one would have for a friend or family; the other is Eros which is the love one has for a spouse, significant other; the kind that holds desires and feelings. Then there is Agape love which is the love that God has and commands us to have; the kind of love that is more action than of feelings. 1 Corinthians 13 mentions this kind of love.
I also believe that in order for someone to love another, in any way, one must know them first. I can't love someone I don't know or never met. If someone does not know God, then he/she cannot love Him. But, can love another human being; just not with that agape kind of love; not the way God loves.

Everyone has their own definition, their own beliefs, and their own ways of expressing themselves and I can respect that. Have a great day. God bless.


Well, from God, all forms of true love emanate. So with NO God, then unfortunately, true love may NEVER be experienced.

What a human will have is an " ïllusion of love" , NOT the real deal!


I'm with ya Trisha; one cannot truly know the love of God unless he/she knows God. Be blessed.