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First of all i'd like to thank you all for being such open minded people in realizing that discrimination is wrong! Second i'm so proud to be on this site because to find wonderful friends like you all is just great... I honestly don't know what people's problems are in why some waste their time in judging or criticizing another, i mean isn't it wasting their and our time of life!? I certainly think so.. And third, people have the wrong impression about people who love the same or both gender because just because an individual has loving or sexual feelings towards a person doesn't give any judgmental person the right to criticize because who are they to say we're doing wrong, i mean they judge groups of people by what one person does, i kinda find that stereotype, and i'm not stereotype person, never will be and never shall because i can't possibly see people as typical as those who don't accept me for who i am, when really i could judge them for their bad traits or qualities or interests as a person but that wouldn't make me a good example as a human being because for one i accept everyone for who they are, and second it's giving bad attention and giving reactions that those who disrespect want! But anyway i think that everyone should be treated equally and not discriminated against over the love we give! I mean if a person can give or show love, i don't see that wrong at all because if a person can love that makes them a good person not an outcast to those who just are intolerant by what their brainwashed or encouraged to believe by religion or society in certain ways, but i firmly believe that we all we're born to be the way we choose and love to be, by being a human being and following our heart's choice, as believing in love and having dignity to accept ourselves, even though a world of judgement doesn't, it makes us more powerful and equally showing as deep down we don't care what negative thoughts bring as finding our happiness in life is the key to living a fulfilled life, and maybe one all people, or shall i say more people could become more accepting and tolerant to those who are more different, not just people by their sexual orientation but by their nationalities and cultures too as we're all humanely equal within dignity on this oneness of a planet Earth. Freedom shall be given to us all, and we should be treated as one would like to be, as we all have feelings and hearts of gold, because i believe we're all unique within our qualities and talents but equal as brothers/family in this present life we live as our hearts and love experience can gain us power to show that we indeed ourselves as a team can come together to stop discrimination and get through all the odds of our daily lives, its even more easier if having someone to help you along the way or realizing that you're never alone, as there is more or another that knows or is experiencing the same thing u are going through right now! This world can be changed, in certain ways, maybe not politically at first but creatively and professionally by equality and powerful expression i suppose, things that a person can prove themselves righteously.. I know some of you might disagree with my point of views, if so i think you shouldn't read this, but if you're an open minded person and accepting to other people's views then its even greater for yourself to find acceptance in different opinions as it gives you more options and goals to seek. I love you all, i say it because faithfully i believe you can achieve a good lifetime by being all that you can be, and even all that your inner heart can give!

Thanks for reading,

Yours Jason x


Jason, what a wonderful way of expressing what we feel. I've just come out, and am being criticized by Christian "friends" (only a few,mind you, so far!) and told in no uncertain terms that I've made a big mistake by going against the Bible's clear teaching on homosexuality!! Has God stopped loving me because I'm gay? No, of course He hasn't. Nor has He stopped loving His creation - you included. We are masterpieces, made by a perfect craftsman. And HE IS LOVE.


Exactly Bill, and with your belief i'm certainly sure that God wouldn't want anything more from you but to be a loving person,and you are! So why believe in those friends that don't seem to be real friends if they can't even accept or understand a part of you that is special to your heart, to me their doing a lot of talk but no action;meaning their saying what they believe is the creator/god to them but truly thee creator sees everyone as an element filled with divine love, and don't ever change because the goodness we embrace comes from our divine creator, i believe.. I know some would see differently, but that my's opinion. And also if i'm being honest, i see a difference between the words of the bible, written by a human man then the soulful creator that doesn't see bad in anyone as he forgives all souls and brings them back to rise to their goodness again as we all once were! God Heals and forever forgives, not damns people to "hell" as some believe, but their is lost souls in several life realms and they are rebellious spirits, just like humans who just happen to find enjoyment by seeing others sad. These are the sorts of spirits that just don't want to accept good paths, even to the light of God if only they had faith in his glory, but as their still spirit journeying their still carrying a sense of their longing feelings of despair and sorrows with them which they cant come to let go, which is rather sad... I honestly don't know what i'm saying. i'm just writing what i feel on faith, but i think if you follow the right path that makes u happiest; good will come, no matter what you're religion or beliefs! x


Jason, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. When I look into the face of Jesus Christ, I see God. Jesus said that he had not come into the world to condemn but that all people might be saved through his sacrifice on the cross for their sins. He identifies with us in our mess. I truly believe that He is the key that opens for us the door to all that God would have us be - fully ourselves!! After all we are made in His image. I watched a speech Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, gave at an award ceremony. He said that if we lived life each day as though that day was to be our last, we would be careful to make the right choices in our thoughts and actions - we would want to love others unconditionally and give to them all they needed to cope with life. We would be thinking of other people far more than ourselves. It would come naturally, We would want to fill the time for them.
I am still struggling with the thought that God loves me as a gay person. That's because of all the negative teaching I had - I too was judgemental!! It was because I think secretly I was scared of being exposed as a fraud! Not only deceiving others but also deceiving myself into thinking I was someone I was not. God wants us to be real with Him, I'm sure.
Anyway, again thank you, Jason, so much for your words. They were not confusing. I pray God will reveal Himself to u in ways u have never dreamt of before. Jesus described Himself as the Light of the World. Light opens up the darkness and in fact destroys it.


Discrimination is wrong, regardless of who the victim is! Just like murder.