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To My Future Husband - Looking for LOVE!!!

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To My Future Husband,

As I sit here, writing this I’m thinking that I don’t know exactly who you’ll be yet. I have to tell you, though, that I think of you often and wonder how you’re living your life now. It matters to me, you know, because how you live your life now determines the kind of man you are and the kind of man I’ll spend the rest of my life with.
I’m always amazed when I see guys together and think how we will seem to others. Will we show the same happiness and Love that I feel in others who have decided to Love a single soul. Some nights when I’m lying in bed, it almost seems like I can feel the warmth of your body next to mine, and in the quietest moments of the morning, I hear your Heartbeat.
I live for the day when you are truly next to me, easing my Heart and Mind, knowing the Love I have so patiently waited for has finally come. I can only hope that you will be feeling the same about me.
Your looks are still a mystery to me. I can see only the Passion in your eyes and that Beautiful smile, the two things I Love the most about you. I can imagine my face lighting up whenever you enter the room and missing you lovingly when you are away. How genuinely Blessed I will feel to have you in my life. I wait for you and you alone.
Our future together awaits us and I’m interested in your future. When I finally meet you, my Heart will know instantly it is you, My Future Husband, the man I was destined to be with. I cannot promise that your life will be instantly transformed when we meet, all I can promise for sure is that you will be Loved. The other things in Life that most people equate with Happiness will pale in comparison to what we feel for one another in our Hearts. I promise, “Till Death Do Us Part,” an eternal feeling of Love that even Time cannot erase. I promise you a Happiness that you have never felt before, a Happiness filled with Passion and Love. I can promise you these things because I keep them now, in my Heart, just waiting for you to accept them.
So while our Hearts wait for the day when we finally meet, I hope and pray you can forgive me for having taken so long in my journey to you. Thank You for waiting for me. I promise you won’t regret it and in the end, the Love you receive will be well worth the wait.

Love Forever and Always, Bill


I know I will meet my future husband. 100% Guaranteed! When I leave this existence my energy will mix with all the energy everywhere and he will be there and if he isn't, i`m coming back and kicking his ass for not finding me sooner. Hope I find him B 4 all that happens though Would be nice. LOL. Keep the door to the heart open and that's all the matters. If it has to close than only for a brief moment, just to reset.


That was beautiful.