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Assisted Suicide? - Gay Guys! <3

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What are your thoughts on Assisted Suicides?
Agree? Disagree?

I agree with them I believe they should be legalise everywhere, but they should only be allowed for people with terminal illnesses in the presence of a qualified nurse or doctor in a Hospital, I disagree with people having an assisted suicide just because they are depressed because I know from experience that depression can lift with the right help, but people with a terminal illness could face continuous days of pain and fear - pain through their illness fear of not knowing when they could die, I feel that no human should have to go through that, it is complete and utter torture therefore people going through that have the complete right to end their pain!
We put down cats, dogs, rabbits etc down if they are ill, why are we any different? We are animals after all, we are no more important then all them other animals.
So yeah assisted suicides, I agree, what about you?


richard this is a differcult subject for a lot, and is just not as straightforward an issue as some would like it to be.
In 1938, in Nazi Germany, a father who had a disabled child wrote to Adolf Hitler to change the law in Germany, so that his child's life be terminated.
The same legislation the NSDAP, used to legalise the mass murder in the death camps.
So it is all very well, changing the law to cover assisted suicides, but then that law is amended, and used by goverments to kill whomsoever they wish.
I am sorry , but i am against it on priciple, for either humans or animals, unless absolutely necessary, and even then it should not be straightforward as signing on the dotted line.


I agree with assisted suicides as i saw a friend go through what started as testicular cancer and then progressed to liver and kidney cancer through him being obstinate and not going to a doctor early enough. that was in the early eighties and now much more recently my uncle, bless him, suffered terribly with spinal cancer where in the end he had a metal rod inserted in his spine to hold him together. It was only my aunty that was the person who stood by him and made sure hegot morphine to kill the pain whenever he needed it. When he was in hospital the nurses used to come to see him in pain and just say " your next morphine isn't due for another 2 hours so you'll have to wait" And they talk about a caring proffession, I'm not saying all nurses aren't caring but they're held to financial rules and need to keep costs as low as possible. My poor uncle time and timeagain said he'd had enough, and I'm sure that it would have been kinder to let him pass on peacefully rather than watch him suffer like he did. In our two cases,both people wanted to go as they'd had enough pain and suffering. I disagree on the other hand of family members chosing to have their loved ones put to sleep, as they're possibly not doing it for the patients benefit.


Yes,in my opinonion,as long as you are of Right mind.then you have the right to Choose, Yes or No, The reason,. it is your Life after all said and Done and you should be 100% FREE to make your own chouce,about, Ending you own Life or Not.==== So,i do Agree ( 100% ). lol.


my opionion is no. no one on this earth deserve to cheat like that. i would say yes only when the person is on the death bed and can not speak for them selfs. this includes the fact that they are in a whole lot of pain


I say Yes in certain area's, as i agree with Richard, i will never forget watching my Dad die from cancer, he just suffered for 6 horrible week's. Morphine had no affect on him for the last 6 week's so there wasnt any pain killer in the world for him. So in those circumstances it's a Yes.


the actual term for assistant suicide would actually be euthanasia...but anyways...i disagree all the way...even for our pets...i agree that it's hard to see our loved ones suffer...but it is not and should not be left to us to decide to terminate our own lives...even pets deserve to live their own natural lives...yet like you say it is legal to put them down...and i don't agree...call me selfish or delusional...but that's just how i feel about it...sure you could say religion has contributed much to that idea...but well it is true...we were given a life and we should live it til the last minute...that's my mentality...sure i'm probably saying it cuz i haven't been diagnosed with a terminal illness or i'm not being tortured yet...but you best believe that if and when it happens...i'll be facing it til my end...i'm not gonna take the easy way out...we all face hardships and have always found a way to surpass them...so why should we simply give up once we start reaching the end???...as i said in my previous discussion about life...all life is sacred and it's up to us to cherish it for as long as we have it...so i'm pretty much against euthanasia, suicide, death penalty, abortions, and putting down animals...


I have a terminal illness and am aware of what I will eventually have as a quality of life at the end stages, I reserve my right to decide when and how I think its appropriate to end my life without being a burden on my family.


Garry I totally agree with you....I also am terminally ill, I also am very aware of what my quality of life could be at the end stage, I would not want to watch my friends watching me slowly die, incapable of being the me they knew....we put our pet's down when they are suffering, I would'nt want to keep my cat alive, if she were with disease and dying painfully, nor would I want to keep myself alive in the same situation....it is not a loving caring person that would want to keep a person alive, but a selfish one....of course my friends do not want me to die, but they respect my choice.
I do not believe in suicide for the sake of it, just because your unhappy with your lot in life, with terminal illness then yes, to ease suffering and pain, not just for oneself, but also for those around you, who watch you suffer and decline, my best wishes to you Garry, it takes a brave and strong person to reach such a decision, I have'nt yet let nature take it's course, which I could so easily do, be pain free, stress free....something is keeping me going at the moment, but the decision is mine, it is between myself and my creator, not for anyone else to judge Lol XXX


It's the person with no value of life that decides that they would like someone to help in suicide. It's not a family member or a doctor who decides this. I don't get how people can say it's wrong, there are people with medical problems that are in pain everyday, and no matter what medication they have it's only prolonging their lives, not saving or curing them. No one said that this can be used for people with mental health illnesses, it's purely for the people who can't do it themselves, but can still make that decision by themselves. There's a lot more to it than going to your doctor and getting a pill to end it. There's psychological tests and everything to be done before hand. I think it's purely up to that individual, if they feel they have no life value and are just going about day to day life struggling and in pain, then why can't they have that choice?

One again, it's not the family members that decide, it's the individual wanting to end their life.

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