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Pursuit - Gay Guys! <3

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I hope I do not offend anyone with this

Does everyone else fell empathy for guys who join this site looking to to hook up with guys in their area.

I know we are all want a relationship, I know I do. However, I do not create a post saying hey I am so-so and looking to hook up or for a relationship with guys in my area.

It makes me wonder whether LGBT society are only into sex and do not broaden themselves whether it is religion or even the way the world is moving.

To me it looks likes you giving away your body for nothing just by hooking up. Why do that?

What happen to getting to know someone. Call me naive, I prefer a guy to woo me with their words than their body.

I met a guy on this site last year, after talking to him online for a bit we met when i was in his country. He did not disappoint and I cant wait to see him again.

You ask what did he do, well we had lunch and he talked and that was it. However, it made my heart soar.

I dont know how to end this post...maybe you can finish it for me :P


And that's the point Ryan--it's not the body but the company that makes the difference..heart and soul.


I wonder about that too...but the ones I like are those who say they want to be with you and live on the other side of the world...I am glad that I meet my hubby the same way Ryan...Meet on night and talk all night long and thats when I knew that we will be together for life and 24 yars later we are still at it...


Same deal - I came here to see if could find some local fellas, there is a few, but i'm struggling. I totally agree that a little heart & soul should be shown when attracting a new partner, thats how a relationship should work. But i'm also greedy - i like it both ways!!!!!


I am in a L.T.R, and this is how we went on our viary first meeting. On our vary first meeting,i went to his house,and we had Dinner,with wine, and Candle Light ( Vary Romanantic ). And we Talked,and Talked,and Talked. And before we new it, We had both fell in Love with each Other. And as they,say, the rest is History. I think the bigest mistake what some Guy`s do,is that they try and Rush Thing`s. The Bonding inbetween two peaple,alway`s take`s a little bit of Time. And this is why,doing a lot of Talking,when you first meet is so important,and should not be rushed,at any time. lol In my time,i have been on alot of Site`s, and on alot other Guy`s, on these other site`s,are not on to make Friend`s/Relationship`s, but only to get Laid. ( All Vary Shallow ), lol.


Thanks for your input!

I like to believe in courting a guy no matter how great the distance is.