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Friend Requests - Gay Guys! <3

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This site gays.com is not very forthcoming with friend requests. I thought by joining
several of the groups it might make a difference. Then I started up three new groups that the members do not seem to be interested in. I think I might as well delete my account and go back to gaydar.


Hey Matthew

Welcome to Gays.com! You are actually in one of the ... no actually the biggest Gay Guys groups on here! Michael is an excellent group owner and all the guys in this group are just top!!

I would suggest that you get involved with some of the discussions within this group...and as everyone gets to know you, you'll find the friend requests are more likely to be accepted.
Also, the group you set up for asthmas...you may find you don't have many entering into this group as you don't have enough friends to recommend it to.
Hope you don't delete your account, give it a go...and see if things improve.

Once again, welcome!

Tara | Community Manager


Dont get discouraged Matthew, this site has way too many groups and subgroups..its difficult to keep track of them which of course also means it takes a while for people to discover your groups. Bernie


I think you should get active in the groups and you will find that there is a lot of things going on.But if you don't like what you see talk to the people and see what they want. I like the ones that I talk to here.We are doing a lot to help the gays here and they like what we do.



Hi Matt
Like Tara said that if you get in to discussion with the guys in this group you will see friends will come...If you need help in group or on the site feel free to message me..What you might want to do is tell us more about you and what you like to do...I have read your profile page but I think you need to just start a discussion asking for friends here and see what happens...You can send me a request and I will be happy to be friends with you...

M&G Team meamber/Group Owner


I know,Gardar too,and i think that in Many way`s,this is a much
better site to be on.

By the way Matthew,i am not to far from you,and i can be a Friend too, lol.
( i am in Brighouse ),lol.

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