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What's Wrong With Speaking Our Native Language??? - Gay Guys! <3

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ok...the one thing i find wrong is that most people of Latino descent are losing both the knowledge and the interest in speaking Spanish...i mean today my mom and I went to the mail to check up on a package and the guy seemed all nice & everything til my mom asked him if he speaks Spanish..he says yes but doesn't seem so optimistic as before as if he hates speaking Spanish cuz he has trouble putting words together...one time my friend's Vietnamese friend had told us he couldn't speak with his mom because he hates speaking his language...it never occurred to me that people could be that lazy...i can't find a reason for not embracing your language and culture...my brother's gf doesn't know very much Spanish and she's supposed to be Mexican...i just don't understand how something like that gets lost along the way...but it serves it's purpose because it's times like those when i encounter people who are non-Spanish speaking Latinos...that i'm glad my mom pretty much forced us to learn and embrace our culture...also i don't understand what's the point of learning a new language if you're gonna hate speaking it???...i mean yea we all have the idea that knowing more languages opens up more opportunities...but is it worth it if people are gonna be putting up w/your grumpy face???...i sure don't think so...just don't learn it and deal with just knowing English...i tell you sometimes being American seems like too much for ethnic parents now days...i mean we're getting so lazy nowdays that now Spanglish has becoming popular among Latino-American kids now days...i'm not gonna lie...i'm one of those kids..but well still to this day try to keep learning and improving my Spanish Vocabulary...and that's because i want to and i love speaking my native language...i can only hope that the lucky guy i end up with feels the same about his culture...(sigh)...oh well what can we do???...


nothing is wrong with speaking your native language. i wish i spoke french cause i am french. mexican is another language i love to learn


I very much agree with you, Jony!


When I was a kid LONG AGO I learned Frnech as there were not only a lot of Frnech Canadians in this area but also I had the Notre Dame nuns and they spoke it. All my classes were in English. Back 100 years ago immigrints who came here went out of their way to learn US English so they cold become part of the fabric,. Language unites us. IN many cases the dad (who was always the boss in the home) declared that only English was to be spoken and they were to put aside their native language to be Americans. Then in the 1960 it seems to have started to change. Don't get me wrong... we Americans are stuck up when it comes to US English. We expect (and I think rightly) that poeple who want to live and work here should bne able to speak English well enough to be understood. We also have a problem with foriegn movies. I have seen many movies that were subtitled that never did well here because they were not in English. It's just a US thing is all. My personal attitude when it comes to people and language is VIVA LA DIFFERENCE. I Do fell it is important in commerce that you be able to communicate in English AND that those moving here who wish to become citizens learn the language but they should still keep their native tongue alive.
I speak a bit of French and when I go to Montreal it helps a bit but I also do it out of respect. If people who come here at least TRY to speak English, many Americans will help them. It's just that some Latinos from places like the Domincan Republic or Puerto Rico think WE should cowtow to them. They need to remember we have been here all alone and it is OUR Language. If we don't protect it we will become a modern day Tower of Babel.
But again Viva La Difference de Languages...


well jony as someone who english is my 3rd language i speak that most becuse i live in the usa where it is the primary languagei fimd alot of people want to improve there english sothay will speak it to get better,i alos find that it depends on where your born and your family if you will speak also kids in school re tought in english not spanish or french


Here in Texas we teach both Spanish and English in our schools. We have as many Mexican as any other race.



what iam saying is whan you learn math and sciance and geo is it being tought in english or spanish


English is my second language.
I was brought up in a home that spoke both Welsh and English (my mum and dad divorced so I was mainly around my mother) my mum didn't speak English around me much, the family preferred to speak Welsh and the main language I heard was Welsh, hence how I picked it up, I speak Welsh to my mum most of the time (especially when we're having a gossip in the street about someone :P)
Sadly, I had to learn English since Wales is a country that is 70% English speaking, I use English now in most of my day to day life, whether it's speaking or typing, don't get me wrong I love speaking Welsh and will speak it as long as the other person understands me and is able to reply.
I also speak French, Backslang and Double Backslang - the last two are very odd languages lol, so I speak 5 languages in total, I have no intention of learning any more - the last 3 happened by accident I didn't intend on learning them they just came to me while in school and being with my mates.
Wenglish is what Welsh call English, because we use words that other people wouldn't know, so I guess I don't speak English instead I speak Wenglish, anyway I think I'm diverting from the topic!
The final fact is, I am half Welsh, I am proud to be Welsh, I speak Welsh and will always use that language as my first language.


Over here in the U.K, I have got to know this Indian,guy,who`s, only Language he can speak is English. The other day he was saying that he feel`s right out
of it.for the simple reason that he cannot Speak his own native Language. So
when some of his his Family, come over to Visit, from India, then he
can`t even say, ( in word`s ) Hello . The point what i am making is, that in
the long term, it must pay to learn your own native Language or Other wise,you
are of a big Disadvange. lol


I've met many people who are born here, but who's parents were born in other countries. Their parents did not have a very good command of English, and made it a point of speaking only English in the house. They insisted that since they were now in America, their children should be primarily English speaking. They thought it would make things easier for the children to communicate with their peers, and later with potential employers, etc.

I have also met people from other countries who refuse to improve on their limited English, and feel this country should accommodate Them. They feel that they should be able to get by on what they know, and have no need to learn anything more.

While I feel there is no need to totally give up your heritage, or loose touch with your ethnicity and language, I still feel that if you live here, you should be able to communicate fluently in the predominate language of this country: English.

I would not presume to move to Paris, have no ability to speak French, and then get offended when people give me shit for not learning their language...Why would I do that?

So, there is a middle ground (although the Latino guys I know usually just speak some sort of slang form of Spanish-get a guy from Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain together, and you'll see that They even have trouble communicating at certain points). Learn the language of the country you're living in, and do it well, and learn the native language of your heritage (if you want).


well of course all forms of slang and even sayings are different...so in that we Spanish speaking people differ...also Mexicans are the only ones i have encountered that don't use vos or vosotros...(you or you in plural form)...that's pretty much the difference in our Spanish...and as i've mentioned the slang of course is different in every country...and i agree immigrants should try and learn English...but never at the cost of losing your heritage...no matter what the reason...but thanks Dave for the history lesson...i didn't know that and probably explains how some people have lost their heritage...but well at least my brother's gf is trying to learn Spanish...but it's not as much as she has a choice if she wants to stay w/my brother tho...most of our family of course all speak Spanish...sure she can communicate w/cousins cuz they all speak English...but as of the elders such as my granny...yea she speaks Spanish only...haha...well that's that...feel free to keep commenting...i see this is very interesting...

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