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Libby Horning's rant - The Gay Christian Network

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Libby Horning
" You need to calm down, back off and read your bible more thoroughly. Yes, there are problems in the Roman Catholic church I won't deny it. " quote from Libbys rant

i have read my Bible more thoroughly than you imagine...in your tiny mind....if you had read your Bible thoroughly you would understand that the roman catholic so called church is most definitely not christian...
there are more than just problems within it....i am not upset at someone elses sins either thank you...whatever do you think u are to presume to know what my feelings or motives are...u do not know me....
i am not trying to get an injustice recognised....it is obvious even to non christians that i know ...how false n disgusting roman catholicism is...
it is foolish and sentimental and silly people like you who still accept these roman catholics as christian....that is what i find annoying...ie the stupidity and ignorance that you are so obviously a party to....


I already said that I wasn't trying to call you out. Please don't attack me I was just defending those who at the moment couldn't defend themselves there are falsehoods in Catholicism but, from what I have read in your rants you are going after everyone in the Catholic church including the ones who were merely born into and don't believe most of what is spouted out by it. Just because I have a different point of view and believe that by leaving all sense of love, compassion and mercy for others. Attacking me won't make you feel any better and I ask you to stop.


Yeah Robert you had your say now BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you are not funny.

I am sure God will not be pleased at you calling us ignorant, pathetic and telling us to fuck off.


Robert I will be speaking with the mangers of the site about you..You are now just attacking people...Stop...

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