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I can’t believe I feel like this.
All I want to do is yell,
to you that I love you,
and I want you back.
And every time I picture myself doing it,
I run straight back into your arms.
And never let you go again.
And nothing is wrong.
Nothing bad can happen.
But then I come back to the real world.
Were I have no chance,
of getting you back,
And all I can do is dream of it.
Dream of how it was,
how it could be if,
you would take me back.
And all,
all of this is doing is tarring me apart.
I can’t talk to anyone about how I feel either.
All they do is say I’m being stupid,
to get over you.
How is it they can’t see,
how much I love you?
How is it you can’t even,
see how much I love you?
How come you and no one else,
can tell how I feel?
Can you not tell by,
looking at me.
Can you not see the pain in my heart,
when you look in my eyes.
Can you not tell,
how many tears I have cried over you.
Just by looking at me.
All I want is you.
Can you not see that just,
by looking at me.
Can’t you tell by talking to me.
Can you not hear the pain in my voice.

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