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You has been on my mind
lately.. constantly..
it's driving me near the cliff
any moment
I'll fall and break
my heart couldn't bear this feeling
every breath inhaled
should be effortless and painless
why am i feeling aches in every blood vessels
the heart seemed like being squashed
last night I saw you appeared
in my dream
several toss and turn
my mind drifted me to you again
the voice of yours never foreign to my ears
i wish to see you again
in reality
vain all the wishes turned vain just vain
none of them came true
no matter how hard i wished
i couldn't forget about you
no matter how hard I've instructed my mind
the command to delete the traces you left
seemed to be unnoticeable
as if you've set a password to my brain
to deny any form of access to your file...
you are so selfish do you aware that?
with the smile of yours
you never fail to make me fall for you
again and again
deeper and harder
the password you set
getting stronger and stronger
you don't know about it, do you?


very lovely poem.
I love it.


thx for loving it b(^v^)d

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