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your all on a GAY website...so dont get clever with me about sin. etc...

I do not like being accused of having being abused sexually by crudwell(mr)... et al ( and other loonies ) as though i was a member of the roman catholic so called church....
I have never been roman catholic....!! and have never been abused !!

and if Peter was the first so called pope...then he exemplifies everything about roman catholicism as it is today..ie.....

Peter was rebuked by Paul for his hypocrisy

Peter denied jesus three times

Peter was also rebuked by Jesus on at least one occasion.

Peter was married

he was Apostle to the Jews not the gentiles...he never went to Rome...

he is never mentioned as having been in Rome, or of being there.

There was no papacy in the 1st century....

and the Rock on which the church would be built ...was JESUS.....NOT Peter.

The Roman catholic so called church has MURDERED more Christian's than any other organisation.... I refer to the reformation...and the inquisitions etc...and by the way..Torquemada...who was put in overall charge of the inquisitions ,...has been canonised as a Saint by the catholic so called church...as i read it in a roman catholic magazine called " Bible Alive ".....

The catholic so called church are still doing nothing about child abuse....
this website is obviously esentially Roman Catholic,,because you only need look at the image at the main page of this forum to see the typical catholic imagery...etc...
whilst i agree that i should have used more temperate language...i am just sick to death of the Pompous / arrogant / presumptious variety of ignorance that i have encountered on this website....
In fact..I would say that most catholics on this website, know virtually nothing of scripture at all. as evidenced by their particular understanding of catholicism....
All I can suggest is that you get a King james bible...and study it peoperly...for once.!!
And yes..I am a backslidden christian / born again/ and have let my standards go to pit, as well as my obedience to The Lord / Scripture etc....but I don't care any more...and the reason is simple...I got sick to death of encountering ignorance from supposed Christian's....prison chaplains....and the wealth of ignorance on this website is astounding too. which is why i basically told you all to F*&$ £%F !!! I am aware that i do not know everything...but I do kow that although my attitude is wrong....I also know that the things that I have said about roman catholicism are true...IT IS THE HANDYWORK OF satan HIMSELF !!!

I suggest you get a book called " The Two Babylons " by Alexander Hislop...

seeing as you dont like your Bible's... lol.
Rev 17
Oh and by the way...quoting from 20 different so called Bibles proves nothing other than mere silliness.
so although i should be more polite....I think some of you need to get a grip of Biblical reality as well as Historical truth....rather than the Satanic fiction so many of you seem to be in love with...


Robert, if somebody on here is harassing or attacking you there is a report button you can push while on their profile. You are meant to feel safe here, not to feel like you have to go off on diatribes against people in general.

I myself, am not Catholic...this is an interdenominational room designed to welcome ALL believers. I'm sorry that somebody here on this site or more than one person is attacking you and upsetting you like this.

As a Christian woman I am reaching out to you to please not use foul language in here...for some of us in the gay community we live in areas where we are not accepted into churches and this has become my church home for the time being...I don't want to go to church and bring ear bleach because somebody had used foul language in God's house.

If you need further help in reporting people, I would be more than happy to help you. Just breathe...


You need to calm down, back off and read your bible more thoroughly. Yes, there are problems in the Roman Catholic church I won't deny it. I however was raised Southern Baptist grew in my faith at a Presbyterian church and attended an Episcopal school. I realize that you are upset with the sins of the past, I am no less disgusted than you are, however, I choose to live my life in a way that purely of love and forgiveness. Yes these men were wrong but, it doesn't make you right by spewing hate in a forum that is to be dedicated to the love of Christ and each other. I may not have as many years on me as others here but, I do believe that through my study of the bible and my prayers I have a least a little bit of wisdom here. And you may not have been abused but some of us were so please do us all a favor and retreat in to the Lord and ask Him what you are to do to get this great injustice recognized. I love you, you are my brother in Christ and I really don't mean to call you out but, it seems to me that you have allowed your care for these children and our persecuted brethren to blind you to exactly what God wants from all of us. I will never claim to be better than you for I know that I am not. Justice is for those who abuse their authority is for no one but God to decide. Please at least think about what I've written here. Shalom.


is that why your " putting me down " then you hypocrite....
They put down others to elevate their low dignities and feel good about themselves


Libby Horning
" You need to calm down, back off and read your bible more thoroughly. Yes, there are problems in the Roman Catholic church I won't deny it. "

i have read my Bible more thoroughly than you imagine...in your tiny mind....if you had read your Bible thoroughly you would understand that the roman catholic so called church is most definitely not christian...
there are more than just problems within it....i am not upset at someone elses sins either thank you...whatever do you think u are to presume to know what my feelings or motives are...u do not know me....
i am not trying to get an injustice recognised....it is obvious even to non christians that i know ...how false n disgusting roman catholicism is...
it is foolish and sentimental and silly people like you who still accept these roman catholics as christian....that is what i find annoying...ie the stupidity and ignorance that you are so obviously a party to....


Robert I think you need to stop for now...We all know that you don't like the Roman Cathoic Church but enough is enough...


Gosh! am sorry for ever commenting on this discussion. Now i know that a NASTY,EVIL person is UNGRATEFUL no matter whether one tries to support them or not.
A nice person is nice and is grateful when they get helped or supported.

Thanks for making it clear to me that u are one of those UNGRATEFUL ones that walk around the earth.

ur the one that DISGUSTS me and u DESERVE to be put down.


HAHAHHAHAHA!! nasty, narrow-minded two-legged creatures deserve the hostility they receive! May u continue to receive more!!!

Ohhhhhhhhh! Did mummy refuse top hold u and hug u when u were a baby? HAHAHAHHAH!!
Ohhhhhhhhhh! Did u get abused sexually by Catholic priests? Too bad for u!!!


Some people will do and say anything because they are so alone in despair that they strike out and lash out anyone and at everyone, just to get attention, which we all need. However, they can not and are not capable, of doing it in a loving, uplifting caring way. They are bitter, filled with hate and rage, and there's nothing that will stop them because that is all they know, care to know and want because they perhaps do not know anything else. More over, as more then one sweet believer(s) have reached out to him, time and time again, only to be rejected with foul obscenities. Perhaps if this were the GLBTQ garden of Eden, were people come for support, love and acceptance and guidance, we must perhaps expect to find a "snake" in that garden, that spews forth poisonous venom in lies, half truths, hate and fear. I would solemnly urge each and everyone of us to pray for him, but do not respond to him because it is just that, that he thrives on. He loves to upset people, and the attention he gets from his foul absurdities. He feeds on it. He is not here for love, acceptance, support or fellowship. I pray that the Love and Light we follow, may find him, free him from his shackles of hate and self loathing, that he may so humble himself, and ask God for forgiveness, so that he may be at peace with himself, us, the world. I understand tolerance, but not to the point of us subjugating ourselves, to foul, hateful, hurtful emails from this group in our e-mail boxes, almost daily. People come here to grow, find peace, knowledge, spiritual guidance and fellowship and love. Not the rantings of a person who hates himself, life, others and the idea of a Loving and forgiving God. “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”
Thomas Jefferson quote
Like my Aunt Marie used to say: "If you have nothing to say nice, then say nothing at all!".
But his thirst for attention, in his isolation will not be silent. Some people have grown so attached to their fears, hates that in as much as it is killing them, that cannot get out of it or even dare to, because that is all they know, it is the only home they know, Hate is a cancer that consumes, the person who has replace the heart of love with it. He cannot love others, because he doesn't love himself.
"Forgive those who insult you, attack you, belittle you, or take you for granted. But more then this,......forgive yourself for allowing them to hurt you."
Shalom et Benedictus
Your humbled little brother in Christ: Anthony of Portsmouth+++++++++++


well said Andre!


Hello everyone
I started a discussion tell all that I am new group owner and would like to say that Robert Hill has been warn about his discussion that he started and to stop..That we all know he don't like the Pope and I ask you all if you see him posting again in the future please don't comment and message me or go to the discussion that I started about group owner and leave comment there...
I want to thank you all for your help and cooperation in this matter...

This is the link to the discussion I started...http://gays.com/groups/spirit/11/discussion/17033

Thank You
God Bless
Group Owner

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