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HATE WAITING - Gay Guys! <3

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As some of y'll may know 'm going to get my great niece and nephew tom. But I hate this waiting. I'm dying to be able to spend the time with them. I hope they have a good time and enjoy themselves. I love them so much and so happy to be able to do this. I told y'll before my famiy and I havee been apart for ten years and with all those years gone I have miss so much. Miss them growing up, their first day of school and able to spoil them. I got so much to make up for. I'm one of those people that love children as long as the can go home. With my niece and nephews when they where young I spoiled they and enjoy it. I got on the floor any played dolls, trucks. Outside and played tag. I'm a big old kid and I can see myself with m great, great nieces and nephew on the floor playing in my wheelchair still trying to play tag. But getting back on topic I hate this waiting thing is killing me.