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well BIG PROBLEM - Gay Guys! <3

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i'm thinking to suicide bcoz im gay....

i am fed up of people...

i'm fed up of every community around me...

being gay makes my life miserable...

there are girls who are crazily attracted to me, but im Gay...

I think its not fair in this way....

OMG i wish 2 love some1 & get full amout of desired love from my man(dream)

Nobody accepts me as who i am, but i need to pretend to be someone else n body...

Life sux.....

I'm weirdly in a terrible mood for a month...

I think i can't take it more...



Just drink ALCOHOL and relax....!! heheh!!


I understand how terrible it is for you, especially being in a country where gays are not accepted.
There are guys on here that are in Malaysia. Search for them and send them messages. Perhaps you will find someone you can talk to.
You may send me a private message if you need to chat some more.


don't feel so sad Sampson!
you're a beautiful boy... someone will love you!
being gay can be hard... but it's also good!


I was one of those, being in the same situation like you. But 2day they all love me


Sampson, I know it is hard to be young and looking for love..but thinking about hurting yourself is not right..I didn't find the guy I am with now untill I was in my 30's..I can tell you this sometime you have to kiss alot of frogs to find your prince..and on that night we meet we were not even looking for each other and just bcause one of his friends want to pick some other guy up and take him home was the reason we meet I ask him if he like for me to drive him home and his first words to me was yes but only to his place...LOL...We ended up talking all night untill he had to go to work...So maybe if you don't try too look for it,it might just walk by and say hi to you...


Why do you take it seriously? Don't care and be yourself. Don't lose your identity and do whatever that make you happy. Commiting suicide means commiting sin. So there is nothing good to you for doing that. I used to stay in Malaysia and studied in Selangor for a long time and found that being gays is not seriously discriminated. Even a guy who has already married is a gay and he once talked to me. So think of yourself, your family and your future and imagine there will be many good things in your future life and and commiting suitside is the most stupid thing to do. There are many sound ways you have to work out the situation. Be conscious, and keep concentration and think carefully to work out the tough situation. Cheers lol


Sampson, you're a beautiful man and I don't doubt that you would be great to be with. What you are going through is quite normal for a man of your age, don't be hard on yourself, many of us have been through similar things to what you are talking about. There are no magic answers to this but Mr Right is waiting for you. Just be a friend to other guys and you'll find that things have a habit of working themselves out. Even at my age (67) I have women who want me (NO WAY!). Just accept it as a compliment and don't let them think that you want anything other than being a friend.

God bless and lots of love. You'll come through ok, just hang in there


ALL of you guys thank you very much, i realyappreciate for your full cupport and care. Which has given me points and understanding myself in certaiin way.
Its 1/1/2012 i didnt really feel like i've celebrated a new year, bcoz i didnt. But i... kinda feel that things will get worst is normal situation to all, it happens, happened and will happen to every each of us. Staying Strong is something we really have to work it out, which needs lots of effort. I'll try my best to work these feelings out and do my best not to think of this thought again. But its so diffcult for a peron who's down to cheer up. Emotions and feelings are craziest things which can affect whole our days, weeks and even months. I really wish to overcome and lern how to control these things. Thank you again and Happy 2012th year to all of you thanks

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