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Behind the lies - Poetry Group

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Who doesn’t lie these days?
We are lied to all the time.
No one seems to tell the truth anymore.
Everything we are told seems to be a lie.
We have all grown up in a world full of lies.
If we open our eyes full enough we can see the lies.
But we cannot see the truth.
Maybe we don’t want to see the truth.
And that is why we cannot see it.
No one is what they seem to be anymore.
Everyone lives a massive lie.
I don’t no one person who has not lied to me.
Personally I am fed up of the lies.
Fed up of people lying to me.
Saying crap about other people.
Why are we surrounded by lies.
I know there is some truth hidden in some lies.
But most of the lies are just complete lies.
What is the truth?
Why is everything a mystery to us?
Will we ever see the truth behind the lie

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