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info update - Gay Guys! <3

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you all seem to have it in your head i am leaving, i am not unless tara asks me.
I just need time alone, i have made certain commitments to some on here, i will try & keep them.
I will return and & friends on friends & fun&gt3, when i feel better.
Read between the lines, no friends mean total quiet for me at the moment its best.
I am still on other groups, just not this part.
No offence was taken by me the other night, this is just something i need to do,richard ivers would understand, dont press him for an answer, just support each other.
bernard as i said read between the lines of what you job is, and keep it silent.
Thank you.


أنا راغب في التواصل


Allan if you need anything please let me know and if you want to talk you can just message me...Take your time and get yourself were you need to be...I will be praying for you...