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What Do You Think? - Gay Guys! <3

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Do you think that, as human beings, we could do SO much better, EVEN in the gay community, towards each-other?

Here's where that idea came from:

I've noticed, from as long as I've been gay, that the gay community is ten times harder on themselves then the hetrosexual (straight) community. They'll verbally bash each-other and it's like nothing happened.

They just brush themsevles off; like they're wipping cum off of their stomach.
However! The gay community is a little different.

For example: There is a set group that has a mind set that if you're not hot, you're not right for them. Or if your not puking your guts up to look like skin and bones, you're not right or meant for them.

The point is - We're judging and HATING on our own people and have been for YEARS. I say? It's time for a fucking change! It's time that - that, "group" learns how to grow the hell up and to get the fuck over themselves.

Personally, this is why there are gay teen sucidie! No wonder that they're wanting to die, and that's because our OWN kind (homosexualitly) doesn't want to even accept them as human beings, just due to their looks, personality, ect.

It's OVER-BARRING, only rich sumbag politics do that; we're NOT politics!

I'm sorry - I'm just ranting or venting on about something that makes no sense at all, and that nothing's ever gonna get done about it. :\

This is just something that I sit and think about every-day.

Would the world be a different place, if we weren't hating on ourselves?

Think that to yourself for a minute. Let it soak in... then let me know how you feel.


I do believe much can be done... Most lack inspiration and genuine heart to spark ebough for such positive change. I myself am looking for those few who can help me inspire life to be more "human"... Without that false ideal that the meaning of humanity is alligorically naturally brutal... I believe and KNOW we are more capabke for greater things... If only people will get beyond their insecurities aand selfish ambitions... To learn that even their desires can and WILL be fulfilled if and WHEN they help the comfort and pleasure of kife for others.
When we connect and cchoose to share our energy and ideas with eachother, that potential energy amplifies... I would like to find the right people to help demonstrate that truth, and then people on the outside looking in will want and desire wwhat we have. :-)

My words are not vague nor their meaning if he reader chooses to really "READ" :-)



(Likes Jason's comment!)

Finally, someone agrees! In all truth, Jason, it CAN be done, but as life goes on, it's just showing and proving itself to me that no one really gives a fuck anymore.

All everyone really wants to do, is fuck, and that's by how they act, and how they show who they really are. Those kind of people really upset me, only due to their knowledge and muturiy level.

But like you said, Jason, their ARE people out there that has/have a level head, but it's only by a handful of people. All the others are chicken shits and don't want to stand up in what they believe in, therefore they get stepped on, pushed on, along with their ass's beat every-day, ON TOP of bullying...

Bullying is EVERY-WHERE! There's no stopping it, there's no changing it, there's no winning over it because the bullie (one who's bullying) is either gay or bisexual and afraid to come out...

So the conclusion to the bullie (one who's bullying) - they continue to live in fear, and cause the bullied (one who's BEING bullied) to live in mortal hell.

It's a war that will continue to grow, and grow, and grow, until the end of time...


Allan, though you are right,that has no bearing on this discussion. We were not discussing real-life and cyber-life... If Antone wants to get to know me to see if im real, all they must do is simply take the time and effort to find out for themselves. That settles that!
Thus conversation, if I'm not mistaken, is about hope for finding the right people for making RREAL PROGRESS... This "cyber world" was designed to help people with like-minded ideals get together, exchange ideas, and influence the world for the better. No need to discuss what others use it for.... No need to discuss hoe governments and "those in power" use such technologies to monitor potential insurgents or arguments of consperacy of world-domination... I am aware of ththese things quite well, and am aware of many ffacts and potential facts... But again, this discussion... This topic isnt about any of that... It is about finding like-minded people who are looking forward to a good change in life, and hopefully beinf a help to bring it from ideal to reality.


AS for you Kyle... actually, I DO believe war can end, bullying can end... and though it hasnt happened on a Global scale yet, I can PROVE there is every chance to.. See, they say that the Devils greatest power is in convincing everyone that he doesnt exist... well I have my own beliefs in spirit and Faith.... and there is a war that is beyond Flesh yes.... however, it can be won, and life can continue to have great meaning without the conflict and strife WE place on OURSELVES...
I myself am very sexually active, and I am not ashamed of that.... however, I have pleasure in other things as well in life, and one of them is in my continued search for all-the-above.
All it takes is influence in the right way... in this case, INSPIRATION... GENUINE INSPIRATION.... and in so doing, others will catch on... just like a virus is contagious, so are hiccups, as well as laughs and smiles

Fight With me/us Allan Ross, not against us... there is no need for suspicion of WHO someone is when the topic isnt about that.,


The Black Panther group have very good ideas yes, and Anarchy isnt what people make it out to be... but I prefer not really giving such an effort a label or group a title such as that.... if you like the idea, then work with it.. If all you have to say is criticism that isn't aimed at finding REAL issues to patch up (Which is Devils Advocacy, healthy criticism), then I suggest that you don't make a comment here. I won't Join any group unless it is a group that makes its own strength based on on GENUINE action and inspiration... not so freaking structured that is just becomes another government of potential corruption. Power attracts the power hungry.... but sometimes, however rarely, power can be attracting the right one or small group of people who actually know what they are doing, and have no selfish ambitions for it.


here is an "ataboy" for you Jason )


Allan, what is going on...im confused...I commented below but it is on a different "what do you think" page????????

Hey, I agree 100%..but change comes slowly...I just try to be myself and if people don.t like it it's their loss. Hopefully with time this will change. I've only been in the gay scene for 7 years and when I came out there were those people who thought I didn't fit their perception of what a gay should be like. When my husband and i would go down to toronto to the gay areas we would notice the snickers...lol..we just ignored them because we are comfortable in our own skins. I don't like to steretype but unfortunately the snickers came from the little twinks who were all about superficiality. Not true people like you kyle. That's what I appreciated about you.you know youself and you seem comfortable in your own skin. I'm an overweight gay (imagine!) who is happily married to a wonderful guy and I love my life. What more can I ask for. Be youselves and be happy with who you are. Life is more than looks and sex, there is friendship, compassion, laughter, helping each other...Those people who are about looks and style(and those are not just twinks) will someday realize their looks and styles are outdated and what will they be left with??? We just need to be around when they come looking for help. By the way, I don't want to put down skinny gays.just like everything else there are some that are real people and they know who they are,.it's the personality that goes with those that look down on others that needs changing not the looks. There are fat gays that have nothing good to says about others as well. Think I have to stop before I come out looking like I'm judgemental too...lol It's so easy to fall into the trap. Great stuff to talk about Kyle...Hugs to you and thanks for bringing it up.Sorry Allan I disagree with you, this is a real discussion topic, Xmas or not.

26 minutes ago by Bernard Huneault

By the way heterosexuals can be just as critical...the way of the world..gays dont have the market on being overly critical. It's about being unhappy with their lives and looking for something that doesnt exist.

22 minutes ago by Bernard Huneault - edited 20 minutes ago


This is what you commented on but on a different page...were you commenting on something different than Kyle's comments above???

well kyle you posted a discussion then deleted it i think you answered your own discussion, that this at xmas is not the time for such an emotive discussion.
also our society is about love, with the same sex, end of discussion......


First... Thanks Bernard... second, sometimes posting on Forums that are more active despite trying to simply on one part of the site, will get more potential eyes... example, I would have NEVER seen Kyles post unless I got an email because I subscribed to recieving emails from this forum... a thing I need to change, because many post many things that are useless to me... but this one had caught my attention... obviously.


nothing is going to be done and i will tell you why. in one corner you have all the snobs, in another corner you have all the queens, in the third corner you have the poor little ole me's, in the fouth corner you have the i do not know what to do and in the center you have all the nice guys like mike wolfe and other poeple who says lets get this done and be nice to other people and all the other group of people says hell, lets let evry one defend for tyhem selfs and that is why nothing gets done.

i know i will get hate mail because of what i had said but it is the truth


lol..hey kylethe human race is imperfect,yeah...be good if everything was rosey and sweet...but...im afraid since we all see the news everyday that aint gunna happen,all you can do is be who you are and try and make a difference in your own space and with the ppl who you know near you,let the world of humans go there own way cause you alone cant change the world,nor me alone,but there can be one person who could change the world but who is that,at the moment there isnt a person who i can think of who is influencing the whole human race...and allan....ARE YOU REAL..lol...lol,maybe ur pic is false,ha..lol,was that blue one you?,anyway kyle i wish also for a better world,but it aint gunna happen yet,take care. ps,no hate mail from me Homer,its ur opinion,and ur entitled to it no matter what the fuck it says,lol..lol


Homer,,why would anyone send you hate mail...sweety...lol


I want to know about the clinics in ecuador Allan


Allan, first off... be nice... and do not EVER start to threaten members on here... but if u are going to threaten, I am going to ask that you stand up for yourself, and not have your sister come "Kick someones butt".

WE are what we MAKE real.. reality is of our own making...

And Allen, the next time I hear u being rude or disrespectful to other members, I will do everything in my power to hhave your account banned. Fair enough?


Allan, you did threaten to send your sister to kick his ass....maybe you were joking but I wasnt certain if that's what u were doing


Bernard, it is really clear in the state of oregon that no one here wants to hear the truth. i just told every one the truth of why gays dont ever get along


okay the clinic offer a way to make gays straight. they do it by medical expermentation on gays. when they person is changed, the person is not the same and will never be the same and some times dies because of the expermentation that has been done. some times the person is a vegtable and some times the person is like a zombie. thats putting it lightly. it is a real bad idea


no allan im not confsed..BUT i think you are ..lol..pity you had to delete ur comments...what !!no good..lol..hope you find it in your heart to make a better contribution in the furture,.sounds pretty cruel there Hommer,spose if they turn out veges or zombies then they might still be gay but they wont be able to do anything bout it eh!,iv only seen once or twice a gay guy go straight,a few years ago i know they are still straight and happily married with kids..so...this was done in the church but thats another forum


your right Chris it is pretty cruel when it comes to haveing gays goe through medical expermentation


you guys dont understand brit humour obviously, so chris look at friends section goodbye


actually i watch alot of brit shows and i love their humour as opposed to humour here,but ur not on a brit comedy show are you?..lol...allan...oh...and...goodbye have a nice day


Lets not get annoyed with comments made in gest...let's just use the old ...lol..to make certain it's clear. I know from experience when Matt and I were dating long distance it was very easy to misinterpret written conversations so it's always best to check things out with the person who made the comments if we think someone was innapropriate before we reply with something we would like to take back later. Just saying...lets be friends.