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Is it nice to fall in love with someone in a young age? - Gay Guys! <3

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Perhaps being single for so long, I just wanna know Is it nice to fall in love with someone in a young age?

Heheh...Maybe i was hurry to find a guy who can rely on or who can share happiness and sorrow...

Would that be so difficult for finding a guy who can have something in commom...I just dont know ...

But I am gonna waiting for him


hey honey, its not wrong wanting love, just be true to yourself and mr right will come along soon. have faith


I really have to agree with Phillip. The hardest thing when it comes to finding that special someone, is the waiting period. I know it's a pain the butt, but in the long run, it'll be WAY worth it.

And on the same note? I can agree with you. Being alone for SOO long, can drive any one nuts, believe me. But falling in love with someone at a young age is a bit scary, ONLY DUE TO MATURITY. It totally depends on that persons' age, in my opinion and for the sake of the law.

I don't hold anything over anyone's head about it - it's just not my slice of cake. lol!

Be patient; have some faith; TRUST in YOURSELF, and everything will fall into place, like a puzzle piece. That's only IF you do that.


no gay is there with u for a life long......................so enjoy with care every second of ur life....dont wait for so long for the person of ur life............this society is not a gay friendly.........so enjoy dude ...........dont think about age........no one is older ....all r younger in thoughts...........maturity comes with experience and knowing the life,doent come with age.....


I like your thoughts Raj. What can bring gay guys together is enjoying a shared outlook, quite possibly independent of age, culture, etc. Quite like the hetero world but without so much competitive attitude and coded behaviour which all started in relation to finding the best quality mate to have children with to keep the human race going. We don't need to get hung up on those motives but should look to open our minds, share our knowledge and experiences and be great mates, friends and lovers!

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