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thias has nothing to do with this room par say, but i feel like i'm blk listed from one of the rooms on this site and want to know how i should handle it. should i say something when it's just me or should i leave the room and leave ths site altogether. a few people in the room i'm talking about just makes it seem that way to me, maybe i'm reading too much into nothing


Gene. I wouldn't give those SOB's the satisfaction of me leaving. I don't think you should either, or leave gays.com


Gene, I don't know you or your situation, so I suggest that you either take up a non-threatening approach to a conversation through a PM with either the group leader or those involved or send a PM to somebody in Management. Please remember that it is the holiday season ( whether or not you celebrate ) AND the Management Team are in different time zones so it may take a bit of time for them to get back to you. If you are a believer please consider the words that you are going to put into whatever form of message that you will be sending. Don't attack and don't act like you can't handle yourself, because you can...you came in here with confidence and asked for advice without putting anybody down.

I will pray that you are given the right words if you choose to send a message to somebody.



gene, i have no idea what your on about, no-one has blacklisted anyone, its just the festive time ,where a lot of the people on this site have many other things to do .
And gene i wont hear of you going anywhere, i dont even know if dennis is alright, so you just stay on amonst your friends.
Once xmas is over, everything will get back to normal.


well guys & girls, at abouut 03:30 hrs this morning, a piece of good news turned up, Dennis Mix (waldo) came back online, just in time for xmas.
He had oncemore been in hospital, after suffering another heart attack, which he has survived, but he is now in a wheelchair.
I am just glad that one of my friends is back oncemore among us.
But i know a lot of you guys & girls, knew him, so i am posting this in case you want to chat or message him.
myself, mike & gene, with homer were just so glad to hear in the early hrs from him, now everybody will know.
Merry xmas.