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One of the Things I Don't Like... - Gay Guys! <3

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ok when it comes to movies i don't know why they do this...as if it's supposed to be that suspenseful...but i don't like it when they make certain movie sequels...take paranormal activity for example...they keep making more and each one is supposed to be showing what happened before the movie...as pre-sequels i guess...why not start from the beginning and move your way up???...it's not making it anymore suspenseful than it already should be...it's kinda stupid...i mean when George Lucas did it with star wars he started 4, 5, 6...then went back 1, 2, 3...that was different and in a way yeah it created some kind of suspense cuz people didn't know what to expect...except for the 3rd movie...every knew what to expect in that one...the creation of Darth Vader...but anywho besides the point...i think i prefer stories that are straight forward rather than those who start with the ending and work their way back to the beginning...but that's just me...seems really lame...


What's really lame, Jony, are those paranormal movies, that none seem good at all. They all look like a fourth grader with a handheld camera or maybe a chimp, was making it. I can't remember the names of them, but they were supposed to be about these people, real life people if you can believe that. I don't. They are haunted by ghosts, which we never know if they are real or not. Talk about pure dribble, these are just that. That's just my opinion though.


i mean don't get me wrong i watch paranormal shows...but as of movies...they really suck...i mean paranormal activity is just awful...i mean you're gonna tell me that people record their conversations like that???...i don't think so...and people can't be that stupid about when their place is haunted...i mean if my house was haunted...i wouldn't waste a second of getting a paranormal team out here to check it out...dealing with evil spirits and demons is not the business...that shit is scary...& i don't wanna fall into any of that ever in my life...