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Jony's Journal Entry #1 - Gay Guys! <3

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well instead of calling them Jony's updates...i'm just gonna write to you guys as if i was writing a journal...except i'm not gonna start it with dear journal or the date...lol...

anywho well woke up today and my mom was like you need to go look for a job...i have to admit that after not being called from Urban Outfitters i kinda didn't wanna apply anymore especially now that they ask for CA i.d...so anywho she pushed me out the house and walked around the neighborhood and went to a few places...most of them didn't have applications...and didn't know when they would get more...only applied to McDonalds...the other jobs told me to come back...or that they weren't hiring...so today wasn't a good day for job hunting...and i thought to myself...i'm near my childhood neighborhood...i think i'll stop by and take a look at my old house...before i get to that tho...let me share a bit of my past...my family and i used to live in this one house near an elementary school...and we had been there for 10 yrs or more...grew up in that house...and i never really saw myself anywhere else but in that house...you could say it's a childhood fantasy cuz when you're really young and a kid...you don't really think about being anywhere else...anywho...so by the summer of 2001...we get some bad news...btw i never mentioned that we were renting this house...it was my mom's cousin's house and we were renting it from him...so anywho back to the bad news...well we catch a rumor that he's selling the house...but at the time he hadn't told us anything...so he gave us until a month and a half to leave...my heart broke when we found out...where would we go???...my only thought was this can't be happening, i don't want to leave...this is my home...i didn't make a big deal out of it...cuz it's not like i could've done anything about it...i was only 14...and it sounds childish but well i was never able to let go of that house...they made improvements to the house and when i saw the house again...i had hated it...it wasn't my house anymore...i was mad at my mom's cousin for the longest time...but of course i wasn't gonna show it...i'm the type of person that doesn't demonstrate his anger until i get to that very cruicial point of being really pissed off...anywho...so we lost the house...and had to move...and always told myself that one day i'll get that house back...because that will always be my house...and as i was saying i walked by it today...and still felt the same sadness as the day i left...and the same determination to get it back one day...it maybe a childish, unrealistic dream...seeing as houses here in Pasadena are super expensive...at the time my uncle was selling the house for 400k...so i can only hope that one day i can see this dream come true...


I know just what you mean, Jony. I went back to my house, which I grew up in, but I had to sell because it was over a hundred years old and needed repairs I couldn't afford. I felt sad because my father, upon his passing in 2001, left me the house. I saw what the subcontractor did to the inside of the house. It wasn't the same house, not even on the outside. So I know the sadness you feel over the lose of your childhood home, as I have felt the same thing.

On another note. I am a writer, trying to get my first book published. Just a suggestion. Marry me, and maybe we could buy your old house back. Just a thought is all.


i do....



aww how sweet...thanks Mark...yea...just the other day my brother and I were watching our home videos...and i think those memories are what brought the feeling back when i saw that house...plus it didn't help that our old neighbors complained about the people living in the house...they said they could always see trash on all over cuz they have parties almost all the time...a lot of yelling, and breaking stuff...i'm like goddamn...makes me feel mad...