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Any Lesbian or Bisexual Xbox 360 LIVE Gamers out there?!? - Lesbian Ladies

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Feel free to add me, if you ever wanna play live. My gamertag is: JaydeDM
First message me on facebook and let me know! So I'll know who you are, otherwise I probably won't accept your friend request lol Gay guy's you too, feel free, I don't mind it's always fun to play with both Men and Women.


If you don't have a Facebook then message through Yahoo email: DeannaJayde@ymail.com or MSN hotmail: JaydeDM@live.com


It would be awesome to game out with more people from the LGBTQ Community.


Some more friends on xbox live would be nice I may add you, my gamer jag is BatmanQueen

P.S. I went to your FB page and couldn't find the button to send you a message


Ooh okay! That's probably cause my private settings are set for friends of friends only, but I'll change that now so everyone can message. But alright, and also, I have to renew my gold again tomorrow! Happy gamimg

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