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I am not a very religious person, but want to tell you do not give up on GOD because of your illness. GOD loves all people and things, including GAYS. My partner of 21 yrs. is HIV+. He does not even take his meds, and is living a happy normal life. And I hope and pray that you will have a happy normal life. I am sure that many Gays on this site will talk with you at any time if you so desire. Keep your chin up and try smiling. I wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and may all your wishes come true. Ken Zagar


David, You have everything to look forward to, most of all, life, love and even not just the hope of, but a cure for AIDS in your lifetime! Please take the time to Google: "The Berlin Patent" There's hope in sight, so stay strong, try to eliminate any stress as much as possible, by either Prayer and/or mediation. Center yourself in the belief that God does love you, more then you or I will ever know until we meet Him/Her (personally i do not believe God has a 'gender', why would "he"?) but that's just me. here's a quick link for your search. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/05/16/apparent-immunity-gene-cures-bay-area-man-of-aids/ Please understand that AIDS does have it's own syndromes, including depression, fatigue, loss of interests in just about everything. This little monster feeds on our fear and if we give in, with out hope, we will lose. I was a Nurse, I have had AIDS since 1982, and didn't stop working until 1990, when my T-cells fell below 150 and I began to have opportunistic infections, so I had to stop working with people who were sick, ill or dying, because at that point, their sickness posed a threat to my own health. I know the "Stigma" of AIDS all too well, that is another factor of this disease that in it's own way can kill us if we let it. This is your body, your life, and you must find the strength to continue to live, for the day that a cure is found, trials for a vaccine for humans are underway. Sadly, the day for a cure may be post phoned because of the funding needed for research may be cut. That's why we must write to our representatives to NOT cut AIDS funding. There are POZ dating sites (Pozmatch) and in your area Google for support groups in your area, you are not alone there's even a support group here: HIV/AIDS Activist Network. one of the best ways to help yourself is by helping others, find a ASO (AIDS service Organization) to help others because, it will take your mind off of yourself and the rewards that you get are so many blessings, because you, are helping others, either on line or off line. Don't let the haters get you down, because they will always be there. The reason I post videos here because music, like prayer, can lift you from the depths of darkness and despair and give you respite from your sadness to where you are inspired, to hang in there for just one more day. And living with AIDS and being Gay is no joke, but you may find it easier to live one day at a time, for you can do anything by thinking too much about the past, (Thinking too much about the past, you waste the time you have today, and worrying about the future, is pointless, because again, today's worry's should be all you need to be concerned about, please try this. Just one day at a time. I am not a saint, a wise man, a doctor of theology, or any thing remarkable. I am human and I try to offend no one (Which these days would be a miracle, because everyone's offended by almost anything someone else does&gt I just feel your pain and am trying with all my heart to reach out to you, to help, and even in that I may fail. I remember reading somewhere, "That is isn't how many times a man falls that defines him, but how many times he can get up!) Don't give up! Josh Groban Youtube video http://youtu.be/I-G8IfjPAII I Believe in You - Il Divo and Celine Dion http://youtu.be/myTzrtr46dI RyanDan - The Face [With Lyrics] ♥ http://youtu.be/Fg2AYy4yO9c Savage Garden - Crash and Burn [DVD HD] http://youtu.be/LHv039QZdKQ jay brannan - "housewife" official video http://youtu.be/lNxzFPTA1y4 Jay Brannan - "Dear Santa" http://youtu.be/z_VBgewLetE Jake Walden - Even In Your Doubt - Official Music Video http://youtu.be/ujOUPYN9sj8 IT GETS BETTER - singer/songwriter Jake Walden - http://youtu.be/woL-v2N-G7g Be you...it's worth it...(The Trevor Project) - Jake Walden - http://youtu.be/pxTjhez7QvM Celine Dion + Others - Voices That Care http://youtu.be/NRrAzDbYc68 Celtic Woman- Someday http://youtu.be/HZ2DeUsspxY Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On http://youtu.be/MmukW1sNlIk Tangled - I See The Light (Good Quality Video) http://youtu.be/lCGr0YqO-8A Given with hope, prayers, and love, you are blessed, " Bad times and troubles only make us understand, what Joy and peace are about, one defines the other, so do not despair, instead, endure and prosper!" You most humbled brother in Christ++++++++++++++++++++++ Anthony of Portsmouth


i empathsize with you,,I wish the BHF would help me,,i have chronoc ischeamic heart disease and dont get any help..either thru cardiac groups or hospitals..i just hope if there is a god he will help me get some well ness and a little better,,i have af everyday,,mt best frend died whilst waiting for heart transplant in 2008,,i just hope i dont end up 6ft under yet,,i havnt had much of a life..sounds very self centred i know,,but im having a really rought time n crying all the time..i cant sleep..just want 2b well,,ive had eni=uf of this after 25yrs of it and lots of wrongfull misdiagnoses..i started at 17 with this,, n still suffering,,


@ Andre
As The Berlin Patient, Timothy Ray Brown, I do not think that I could have said it better!

@ Andrew F
I truly empathize with you.

The best to you and I dream to give all of you hope!