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New start??? - Gay Guys! <3

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Well after my down state things have changed, I'm still down and depressed but I feel I've been offered a way out.
I've been offered a job.
Really good from what they offer.
Only one problem, it's not in the UK, it's overseas, looking after British children in different countries in a resort.
I could wind up anywhere in the world, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, America, Canada, Mexico, New Zeland, anywhere, but it doesn't bother me, this job has everything sorted for me.

Competitive salary.
Potential all year round working opportunities both overseas and in the UK.
Excellent career prospects.
Full induction and further in-resort training.
Free company accommodation and reasonable utility bills covered.
Free flights to and from resort, from a UK airport.
1.5 days off per week.
Holiday concessions after 12 months worked.
Free emergency medical, accident and personal belongings insurance.
Employee discount scheme with access to discounts from a selection of retailers.
Company Pensions scheme.

I would like to take this job but it means leaving my family and everything, but it could be my way out of this depression, there's nothing keeping me here anymore... Is there?


There is only one person who can answer the question at the end of your message, and that is you.

That sounds like a wonderful, and fun, job. It also sounds like it could be quite stressful. It would, however, be a change. A change could very well be helpful, if for no other reason, then it's SOMETHING. If you like kids, then dealing with them might very well be a good thing.

One thing to make sure you keep in mind.. is that you can always stop working there if it doesn't work out, or if your depression isn't helped by it etc.., or if, God forbid, the depression deepens.. so what you're risking is probably pretty minimal.

The other side of the coin is, that your "support system" (the people around you that you would normally turn to when you're having issues) would no longer be nearby if you ended up with issues... so if you go, you want to make sure you make some friends, and you should try & make sure you'll have access to professional psychological help as well. That could really bit hit-or-miss depending on where you are at any given time.

Either way you decide, I wish you luck!


I Say, GO FOR IT. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. ( may be
a little bit of time, but what`s that to lose compered to haviing a new start ).
THINK ABOUT IT. and the best of Luck to you. lol.


Richard - Take your friends and family out of the equation for your decision... they will be there when you get back or visit.. Now think...is something you want to do even for a year. If you don't like it or it gets too stressful after a year you can go home. As Tommy said you have very little to lose and everything to gain by going on this adventure.

I wish you the best of luck on your decision.


i say go for it. the change might do you some good babe


Come to Canada, I would sure welcome you. How often do you see your family now.


I don't decide where I go, they firm decide for me, and I see my family like everyday, I live with my mum and brother but the rest of the family live close by


my prayers are with you sweety


@Richard I really think you kow the answer to your question...Your family and friends will always be there for you..The job sounds like it is something that you want to do...So I say go for it and have fun doing a good job....and lets not forget of all the great places you get to see and the new people you get to meet...Let us know how it goes if you do take the job because we will always be here at gays.com...


I agree with most of the comments - go for it!


sounds like a gtr job,,if i had my health id do it myself,,but up 2 u,,u only get one chance 2 do things ud nvr get to do,,if u had a job in a shop or other mundane job..sorry if anyone has these jobs..only u cam decide..i was offered a job in france n spain when i was 17,, i turned it down as id b away from my mum,,but i wished id taken it,, n regret it..my mums still here @85 now,,so grab the chance..not many jobs like that around


Rich if I may chime in it sounds like a nice opportunity. You would get to see people and be introduced to cultures you might otherwise never see, Just as many have joined the navy to see the world you would see parts of thr world you could never have imagined. It will open your eyes to a lot of things. Were I your age with that as an opportunity I'd really consider it. Remember almost anywhere U go youj'd be able to get online so you could keep in touch with all your friends. But as others have siad here the only one to make the decission is you. You know the other variables in your life that would play a part in making s decission like that. What ever you decide I am sure you will be happy.



Sound like a wounderful chance to live life... but remember you will meet another 250-350 each week or two... you will work 10 or more hours each day, be expected to have dinner at a different table each night, being friendly to all guests, all the time. The food will change every two weeks, but be the same every two weeks. If you 'fall in love' with one ot the guests, they will not be around anymore after their vacation. These are some the not so nice things about that type of job.... but if i were your age and had some problems, I would take the job in a heart's minute. So go for it and live and be happy. jer

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