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Favorite Football team and cutiest player - Gay Guys! <3

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I'm a disappointed Man Utd fan at the moment after losing in the champions league yesterday and a Dallas cowboys fan.The cutiest player is Christiano Ronaldo.


my favorite team has to be the new orleans pro foot ball team, college would be Oregon State Ducks in 1st and Oregon State University Beavers in 2nd. as far as the favorite player? they are all hot and sexy so i have to say it is too hard to just pick one lol


Sat., Dec 10th, 11, 13:50 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
I'm Not a Sports Freak by Any Means, but I Do Have to Admit a Lot of the Guys are Indeed "HOT". Guess in Sports if Your GAY, Your NOT Exactly Welcome by
any Means. Its Easy to See Why They "Come Out" After They Retired in any Given Sport. I'd Like to See Some "Come Out" in Sports Because It Adds tp "Role Models" for Us All, and for Younger People and Even if Sports Isn't My Thing Its Nice to have Gay People to Feel Proud Of. I Like to Play Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Badmonton the Odd Time with Gay Associates Because Its a Chance to Enjoy a Sport Without the Feelings I Have Something to Hide - MY Sexual Orientation.

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