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Dark Place... (Part III) - Gay Guys! <3

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Sorry if all these Dark Place discussion are getting on your tits, but I always turn here for advice, and I will continue to do so.
Basically, I'm feeling no better, my tutor now wants me to counselling in the College cause she can see I've changed, my works being effected, I'm very depressed, angry and turning scarily aggressive towards people, so she said this 'You need help to get all this out of your system, I'm aware of what happened to you several years ago and it's my job as your tutor to make sure that it doesn't happen again' so I now got counselling to go to.
I'm being honest here, I've had enough now.
And it's easy for you guys to say move on but don't you think of one thing I'VE FUCKING TRIED SO STOP TELLING ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!
End of!


Yes you are getting Vary Aggressive. That is NO problem. You can get as
Aggressive as you like on here, It doese not Matter, becouse that we Understan
d. The main thing is for you to get to a better place. And if that mean`s
that you have to blow your top. SO BE IT. No problem. You go for it. lol,


i get that you are tried of people telling you to move on, but you really do or this will eat you up. believe me i know. i was giving up at birth and had a really loving family, in a way i guess(that's never here or now), by the time i was 25 the whole family was dead starting when i was 3 years old. and that hurt last and i shut down hard and would never let people get to close, but then i met my best friend joey when i was 15 and he was 20. and we where just friends but he was my best friend in the world and then he dies just before i turn 40. point to this is i don't trust people nor let them in my world. in real life i'm not like the person here. here i'm open and friendly, and that's because the people here are worlds away from and mostly will never met y'll. i sit at home all day so i can't be touch and when i do go out i have music in my ears so i can't talk or have people talk to me. i live like this because in my mind i'm scared that the momen i get close they will leave in some form so to keep my heart from the pain i lock people out just because i won't do what others said i should. so if seeing someone to talk to or even just yell i think you should do it, who know i may have miss out something special. i been out on a few dates and the last one really hit the nail on the head. it ok to mourn the loss, and take as long as you feel is needed, but don't let it eat you live


andrew, you can talk to me if you want, or not, i am sure there must be a citizens advice or samaritans centre near there or on the phone.
If you want to talk privately, then email, or the other alternative, we have already stated that form of communication.


I know you all mean good but when you in a very black and lonely place being told to move on just won't work. You can't see in the black to be able to move anywhere, so please give Richard space and time and just love him for what he is now.

I got real down but I spent and hour with a psych today and I do feel a bit better, but I had to really hit the ground before I could phone Samaritans and get help. You just can't see anyway out but one when you that down. It takes time and someone just walking along with you and not saying much to help


I see a counselor and I have seen many others before, Yes, sometimes I stop for a while, but then I go back to counseling. I'm 72, and I won't give up. I was already in counseling, and under the advice of my counselor, I went to a psychiatrist for medications, when my ex of 7 years left and moved in with another guy. I don't know if I could have coped without my counselor and my psychiatrist. I went through numbness, anger at my ex, anger at God, sadness and tears. The emotions were extremely intense. I told my counselor I need more time to cry, more time to just be. She spoke with the psychiatrist who agreed to fill out the paperwork so I could work 4 days a week instead of 5. The company granted me this which I did for 12 weeks. It helped to have the extra time to grieve, mourn, be angry, be sad and cry. The emotions have been greatly reduced and now come infrequently. It's more difficult for me this time of year with the holidays My loneliness gets more intense. But after 20 months since the breakup things have gotten so much better for me. I have met three guys recently. I haven't clicked with anyone but I'm so glad I did it.

For me counseling has been very beneficial and even with that it took a long time for me to begin the process of moving on.

@Richard & Dean My heart goes out to you guys.


citizens advice are not for counselling or samaritans dont help in anyway,,been samiritans b4,,ive been under counsellor b4 too..ive been a samaritan too,,but u cant help people,,its up to them to come up with ideas etc..ohhhh


@Andrew I disagree; my counselor has helped me, not with ideas, but with guidance.


As a therapist, i believe in the soundness of counseling. It doesn't hurt. We can all use a listenivng ear.Ask me any questions aboutcounseling.


@richard,,not helped me,, n told lies,,i moved to wales..in 2002,,he sed it wud the making of me,,be the best move i d make..2yrs later i had to come back..cos my heart probs had deterioratated,,n 2b near a cardiac hospital,,i moved back,, n was referred back to same consellor..he sed,,i told u it was a big mistake and too far,why had i gone,,two totaly diff quotes..not to hide anything,,i was raped in 2000 by a younger guy,,much heavier,taller etc.. i told him,,counsellor and sed why did i let it happen...i was forced..cudnt get away..blind date,i was punched n kicked then the inevitable..ive not been the same ever since n that gay councelor did not help one bit..and people wonder why im so down,untrusting of men now etc etc,,