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My Navidad and Año Nuevo... your X-mas and New Year!!! - Gay Guys! <3

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1. Time with my family
2.. Food: Tamales, Rompope, Cookies, Cakes....
3. Weather: Windy, sunshine, a bit cold and dry. Dry season (summer beginning).
4. Street activities: concerts, prides...
5. Parties
6.Different nice mood between the people.
7.More money (In Costa Rica the law established a 13 salary, like a 13th month) great!!!
8. A year is leaving, time to meditate about it, a new year is coming plenty of new and exciting adventures.
9. No more Uni for a while.... yeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
10. I dunno lol....

Now what are your list of ten, more or less things you like for this time of the year? There are things part of the region you come from or the culture. I want to share this with you all and I would love you share your list with me.

(I made a hard effort cuz I dont like x-mas hahahahaha, but I think it is really important to be positive in life!!!)


i think i will be going to Shari's to eat dinner this year


Last year I was really sick with flu at home, in another country and alone lol But I dont regrets of that lovely time in England hehehehe

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