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ok, now that i've got your attension...

The main thing that life has taught me is that it is unfair. Life is unpredictable and ever changing. Some people think that just because your in your teens or early 20s that you havent experienced anything during your life yet. Thats not true. I have gone through so much more than most people who are five billion times older than me. My life hasn't been perfect, and neither has anyone elses who is like me. The lies, the rumors, the bullshit stories, the whores who spread shit and the haters who wont stop hating will always be around. I used to care what people thought about me, but that never got me anywhere. Life is not ment to be lived for everyone else, but for yourself and what makes you happy. You shouldn't have to constantly worry about what others say or think about you, that is going to do absolutely nothing for you. Instead of focusing what others think about you, worry about what you think about yourself. Spend time wondering about what YOU want to do with your life, what YOU like or dont like about yourself, not what THEY all think about you. Everyone makes mistakes, some small and some big but everyone deserves to be forgiven because at some point your life everything is going to catch up with you and your going to be needing someones forgiveness.
I dont want everyone to hate me for no reason, to make fun of me behind my back and lie about me to other people. I want to love who I am and whoever else i love, where Im at and where Im going. I dont want to let anyone down or hurt anyone. I only have one life,I want it to be a good one. Is that to much to ask? why cant people understand that we as a whole, as the LGBT community are people too?
I love me? and others, but why cant other people love us too? I have faith in myself to do whats right. I love me because I can always count on myself to get what I need done. I love me for me, because I am myself and I love myself for it. I love myself because I know that no matter how bad I mess up or no matter how much trouble I cause I can always bounce back and be the first to apologize. I love myself and everyone should love themselves too because there is no one like you, you are irreplaceable and beautiful and everyone always will be.
I am an inspiring gay rights activist and there has recently been an issue at a high school in a town near mine where students were suspended for using the bathroom because they are transgender. I think this is wrong and hurtful and i want to bring this issue to someone high in politics but I dont know how to get there... any suggestions?


We stand together to make a stand for who we are.

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