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Nikki is the new group owner! - Lesbian Ladies

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Dear Group Members,
The former owner of this group has left, which made it possible for any members of this group to become the new group owner. I have taken on this responsibility and am now the owner and first admin. I hope you continue to enjoy the conversations here, and will try to serve this group as well as I can. Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks, Nikki


Hi everyone. As it says above, i am the new group owner and I happily accepted the role after discussing it with the lovely @Tara Thompson. I want this to be your group, so please help me make it a safe and enjoyable place to visit for all our members. I have a diverse range of wonderful friends on here so feel free to pop by for a chat if you see me online. I will be asking your advice on what content you wish to see here, but if you have any current thoughts, please let me know. Thanks all


Thanks Nikki, I really appreciate you coming forward to help out!