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i have things to share with you. - Lesbian Ladies

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ive come back from my adventures, i am aware ive been away a month...

ive learnt alot.

mainly.......SINGLE SUCKS. relationship suck and women suck.

so, fuck it basically.

cant i just have me a nice girl?


Yes u can me boo so what r u looking for


truthfully most days I just feel like life sucks, yeah don't get me started, but it's how I feel. best of luck on your quest Aimee


@ Evelyn why is that what's wrong


lols, nothing wrong chaka just how I feel somedays : )


I now that's right I feel u I feel the same way some times myself


mmm there's nothing wrong with being single... I think you need to open your mind. singledom means freedom: you dont have to worry about someone else, or worry about how you're worrying someone else, and you dont have someone hanging over your shoulder all the time.

singledom is independence. someone has to make a really good argument to convince you to give it up, not "omgosh i cant be single i'm incomplete" [grab the nearest warm body]. that' is an open path to disappointment.