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As of today i choose to walk away
i chose to live my live day by day
ive waited, and ive learned
that for me, you will not return

As of today i will cry for you no more
even though its you i still adore
i will try to not let it get to me
but i did nothing wrong, and with that you can agree
i walked, i ran, i even drove to you
to spend my nights right next to you
i gave you my heart
but you never gave me yours
and for that i choose to walk away
as of today

-arturo carreras


This poem strikes a personal note with me too, I'd like to put in a poem with the same title.

As Of Today

Today is another day for you, but for me, it's the day I get over you.
The sun sets in the west to rest. That's when my shadow starts to play. Memories dance on deep purple rays, Thinking of you's no longer hell to pay.

The cuddles, the muddled- words didn't come true. The lies gave rise to my anger for you. But today I release my aggression, suppression. Too long I have treasured my own pain, unmentioned.

The stars do glow with the greatest of ease, the light that's too bright, now finally leaves. The thought of you blinds like the sun, within my mind, nowhere to run. But as of today, I can finally breathe... a smile, a twinkle, I walk in the breeze.

As of today, I'm once again -Me. There's no more us. So leave me be.
As of today, I can finally say, "Carpe Diem" and seize the day.

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