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hi all - Gay Guys! <3

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im a new comer, work and live in kuala lumpue now, been in kl (malaysia) for almost 8 months. very few plu friend, lets make friend


welcome az hua,to this site, to add friends on here click on the pic on left hand side of page, and go to add friend, click on it .
when it is confirmed you can then chat online with them or email them.
The other way is to take part in discussions, just join the group, and join in.
if any problems talk to m wolfe.
in the centre of page you will see groups click on it, then discussions, and join and away you go.
If you get upset/or feel angry just type no comment, and then talk to someone if you need help
yours allan


Hi Az and welcome to the site and the group..Allan has told you many ways a meetiing new friends the other way is try the browse button on your page and see who is on in your area and ask them to be friends...Anything else I can do for you feel free to message me...Have fun on the site I know you will make lots of friends on here...


hi Az, welcome to the group


Welcome Az, to the site and our group. Hope you like it here. If you need any thing just ask and we will try to help you the best we can.



I will be in KLfrom 6 and 7 .Hope to meet you