Lots of guys head online to hook-up these days, but for many, outdoor cruising and cottaging is still a hot option. Parks, forests, cemeteries, public toilets, car parks... you name it, it's all going on there! But there are risks involved. So if you're going to have fun out and about, here's our dos and don'ts guide to staying safe while you play...

Be prepared
If it's a planned trip to a cruising ground, then be a good cub scout! If you're expecting to engage in a bit of anal action, make sure to bring condoms and lube. Don't rely on other guys to carry them. Always carry some pocket tissues for afterwards, too.


Clean up!
Litter the place! Clean up after yourself.  It's easy to just zip and go (especially if you've been hanging around for ages) but don't just throw your used tissues and condoms on the floor: take a plastic bag and throw it in the bin - many well-known cruising zones have them. Outdoor areas such as parks and forests are there to be enjoyed by everyone so do be responsible and respectful of others. Most of the complaints about cruising grounds refer to the rubbish found there and not the actual sex itself, so by taking care of the environment it brings less public attention to the area.

Listen to your instincts
It can horny meeting total strangers for sex, but if your gut instinct is warning you off someone, then don't get involved. Trust yourself: safety is key, especially when cruising outside.

Don't do something you're not comfortable with
Know what you want and know your limits. Sometimes if you're really horny it can be harder to say 'no' to something you wouldn't normally do, or even to stop and think about safer sex. This may be intensified if you're outside of a space where you naturally feel comfortable. Likewise, maybe you'll be pressured by another guy or group of guys in a cruising area. Be clear in your mind of what you do and don’t want. You're in control: you can stop sex at any time if you’re not happy with it.

Be subtle
Use lots of eye contact and smile. It's the easiest and quickest way to send a message to someone that you're interested in them. Gesture using your head or hands too - communicate.


Don't get pissy if someone rejects you
If you say 'no' to someone, you'd expect them to respect your decision, so do the same if the boot is on the other foot. We all like and want different things, so if someone is not as into you as you are into them, just smile, say 'no worries' and move on...

Be polite
If you want to turn someone down, do it nicely. A firm but pleasant 'sorry, I'm not interested' should be enough. If a guy tries to touch you, then push his hand away and shake your head. If they don't get the message (and it happens) then it may be time to get more assertive or move on to a different area. Sometimes other guys just want to watch you with another, but if you're not happy with that then make it clear.

Don't take valuables with you
Sadly, some dodgy types do target gay men on cruising grounds to rob: think about it. You're in the middle of nowhere, hard to reach, and you're hardly going to run to the police with your pants wrapped around your ankles. Many guys are too embarrassed to admit to the authorities if they get robbed while cruising. For that reason, if it's a planned visit, never take your wallet, credit cards, large amounts of money, fancy watches etc... And nothing with you address on: if your keys go missing while cruising then you could be in for a nasty surprise when you arrive home...

Know the law
Obviously this depends in which country you're in as the legal ramifications are different everywhere. Make sure you understand your rights wherever you are so that you if you're stopped by the police you know your rights regarding outdoor sex.

Don't put on a show for the public
While cruising in parks can usually be discreet thanks to trees, bushes etc, cruising in public toilets in your town or shopping centre ('cottaging') can be risky. For many, this danger adds to the excitement. However, you could accidentally hit on a straight guy just taking an innocent pee. Or you could get caught by the washroom attendant. 


Enjoy it!
Don't feel guilty. There’s no need to feel ashamed if you cruise or enjoy casual sex or public sex. This can be difficult as society still holds negative views about sex between guys. We may have been raised in cultures that hold negative views about sex, sexuality or sex between men. We might have unrealistic attitudes about what happens in certain places, or the kinds of men who use these places. However, sex is normal and healthy and there to be enjoyed.




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hi I love it

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I loved being totally naked, as a sissy queer sucked my dick, he sucked so well I came (4) times, and he swallowed every load

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+ Watch out for poison ivy. :)

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