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  2. He’s wined you, dined you and 69ed you. You’re totally his. But then things slowly start to change. It’s subtle at first – but there are definite warning signs that he’s no good. How do you recognise them? shows you how can you tell he's not the one for you. The ex that won’t go away His ever-present ex should be a huge red flag to you right from the beginning. Ok, sure, it’s fine to remain friends with an ex, but to be in constant contact with them – particularly if the breakup has been recent – is dubious, to say the least. While you’re at it, check out his other friends. The measure of a person is the company they keep. Has he any interest at all in meeting the important people in your life – or does he want you for himself 24/7? Online shenanigans Late night texting, endless Facebooking, constantly checking his mobile when you’re talking to him – yep, all bad omens. Decisive action is required. In the first instance, challenge him; if you get nowhere – and worse still, outright hostility, then drastic action is needed: check out his browser history. It’s never pleasant to discover that your boyfriend is moonlighting as a human toilet on Recon, but it’s probably better to know before you share the bank account. Mr Dead Fish Eyes The eyes are the gateway to the soul – check his out on a regular basis. Is he just looking through you? Is there any sign of life behind that thick skull at all? This is all about feelings. If he’s closed off and refuses to acknowledge your emotions, then you’re in trouble. Oh, and the killer: he ignores your calls for days and then when he finally deigns to see you and you confront him, he flies into a squawking rage and makes out that you’re the psycho bitch. Sex, sex, sex! Sounds great, doesn’t it? But a relationship solely based on hiding the salami can make you feel like little more than a blow-up sex doll. Does he only take an interest in you when he wants a good seeing to? Time to make it plain that you’re more than a landfill site. Take note of the way he behaves in bed, too. How much genuine intimacy is there? Does he even look at you as he pummels it home, or have you become little more than a glory hole in some basement sex dive? His plans only Have you been reduced to just a page in his diary? Healthy relationships are about sharing: experiences, feelings, and time. While it may at first have felt exciting for him to surprise you with a grand gesture, it’s starting to become controlling and manipulative. And the surprises are perhaps a little less welcome as time goes on: long, romantic walks in the countryside which, just coincidentally, end up in an infamous cruising ground? It’s only a matter of time before he’ll be treating you to a Sunday afternoon down the local ‘health spa’ to bathe in a paddling pool full of baked beans – it’s ‘good for your skin, you know’. As moody and predictable as a basket full of rattle snakes One moment he’s all over you like the advanced stages of Syphilis, the next he’s as remote and disinterested as a Crystal Queen on a ferocious comedown. Does he get prickly when you ask him questions? Perhaps you’re just getting endless silence and shade – and the dreaded monosyllables when you dare to ask him how his day has been. ‘R-E=S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.' This is the most important one – and, let’s face it if Aretha Franklin says you can’t do without, then it would be sacrilege to say otherwise. Respect needs to be two ways – it’s all about value. If the balance is wrong, and he’s continuously acting like it is you who desperately needs him, then it’s time to walk away – because it’s only going to get nasty. Walk tall and proud – and call the shots.
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. I know I love as a fetish of mine and I can't wait till I can hopefully meet another female to trib with. I love the feeling of lying in each other's arms and hugging and feeling the closeness of our bodies together. Even kissing. Just the heat between us is so good. I haven't done it for a long time and i crave it so much.
  4. welcome newbies xxx
  5. Yes, I remember with a friend, hugging and it became tribbing, but when i was young
  6. Is gay romance possible in the era of the semi-anonymous hookup? Of course! The ever-cynical Alex Hopkins at thinks so - and shares some dating tips on how you can achieve it. Get a name Anonymous sex is nothing new. Yes, the internet has made ordering a shag as easy as getting your weekly food shop delivered, but gay men have always been partial to a saucy takeaway – they just don’t have to wait around in piss-stinking toilets for hours on end to capture the salami these days. But even way back in the mists of time, if two guys hit it off they’d do that little, yet most human of things and exchange names. Try doing the same online and see where it takes you… Changing direction Crucially, get that hot guy’s name right at the start of your online interaction – not as an after-thought while you’re wiping his DNA from your new quiff. You only get out what you put in – and you need to change the way you do things to achieve a better quality product. The ingredients remain the same, but it’s about how you mix them together – and the time and effort you put into doing this. What does this mean in practice? Mr Mysterious At the most fundamental level, this means resisting the urge to send him pictures of your one-eyed monster or an image of your anus, which is so lurid that the object of your desires can ascertain precisely how many dump-trucks have travelled – sideways – up your fast lane over the last year. Ok, the peculiar mechanics of gay sex – something straights don’t have to worry about – means that to avoid wasting time you should determine who is helium heels, but once that’s been established (merely by ticking the appropriate box on your profile), keep you online intercourse off the topic of intercourse. Find out what he likes - quickly What are his interests? Where does he like to go out? Where would he like to go for a date? The third of these questions is the vital one. What you don’t want to get into is endless chat. You need to get his attention quickly – and keep it. Once you know you’ve got it, it’s time to do that wonderfully old-fashioned thing and meet in person – because that’s where the real romance starts… A daring date Choose somewhere exciting or unusual to go to on your first date. Avoid big, loud – and especially cruisy – gay bars. Go for something quirky, quaint and quiet – somewhere you can talk. Beautiful views or stunning interiors are going to impress him, and they also serve as a talking point. The choice of venue should reflect your personality. Make a statement which ensures he comes back for more. Romance is built on memories – create one which you’ll think about for years. Keeping things warm - but not hot So, the date went wonderfully. You hit it off; the ‘chemistry’ is there. What you do next is vital. You need to show that you’re keen but not come over as desperate. Later in the evening it’s fine to text him and say you enjoyed yourself – but keep things cool. If you want to see him again, then ask! But, again, don’t blurt it all out in one hideous message. Pace yourself – but don’t just wait for him to make the next move. Romance means taking the initiative and putting yourself out there with confidence – which is not only romantic but also sexy. Forget the grand gestures The songs tell you it’s all red roses and flying him to the moon after candlelit dinners in Paris. Erase all of that from your mind. Grand gestures are frequently corny, cliched and empty. You need to keep doing things which neither of you has done before. Getting to know one another means communicating – but romance also means reading the silences and working out what he would love to do from what he doesn’t tell you. True romance is subtle, not loud and brash. Keep your pants on... The perennial question is “after how many dates should we do it?” There’s no correct answer – it depends on the sort of couple you’re becoming. Whipping out your wanger right away will, of course, destroy any sense of mystery – but neither are you in a Charlotte Bronte novel, waiting to get a ring on your finger, so to speak, before you let him bash your bush. Sexual tension combined with the beginnings of genuine intimacy is an incendiary combination. Careful romancing can be the byway which gets you there.
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  8. Judy Garland is possibly the greatest gay icon of all time.'s Alex Hopkins talks to Ray Rackham about his new West End musical, Judy! “What actually was to have been a concert – and was – also turned into something not too remote from a revival meeting,” said the New York times on Judy Garland’s legendary concert at Carnegie Hall on April 23rd, 1961. The reviewer was on the nail. Listening to the live recording of the show now, the love of the audience – so apparent in the seemingly endless applause - is almost overwhelming – and deeply moving. It’s also fair to say that a considerable proportion in attendance at this “revival meeting” were gay men coming to pay homage to a woman they regarded as little less than a goddess. Almost 48 years after Judy Garland’s death, the tumultuous life which so spoke to legions of gay fans is about to come under the spotlight once more in an extraordinary new West End musical. Belinda Wollaston in Judy! Image courtesy of: The Arts Theatre, London. Ray Rackham’s Judy! was first seen in London under the title of Through the Mill back in December 2016 at the London Theatre Workshop. The play was so well received that it transferred to The Southwark Playhouse - and on May 16th will move into its new home, The Arts Theatre, only yards from the former Talk of the Town, where Garland made some of her most famous London appearances. Rackham’s show is set just a few years after Garland’s Carnegie Hall triumph, as she enters yet another bumpy period in her life, the filming of the short-lived The Judy Garland Show for TV - a medium which the star swore she’d never embrace but was forced to appease the taxman. “Judy certainly has a continuing appeal to the gay community, but I think that appeal transcends mere fandom and is grounded in a much deeper love, within the community, for who Judy was and what she represents,” says Rackham. “Her personal struggles seem to hit a chord with anyone facing adversity. Judy was a survivor, and I believe she has a deep connection with people who feel disenfranchised or unloved because she met the many tragic elements of her life head on, and treated them with a smile and determination to not let the tragedy beat her.” Rackham’s show is unique in that it features three actors playing the star at distinct stages of her career: Wizard of Oz ingenue (Lucy Penrose); mid-career concert superstar (Belinda Wollaston) and, finally, the desperate but still proud and fierce figure battling rapacious TV executives (Helen Sheals). While Garland’s addictions to booze and pills are well documented, Rackham was determined to highlight the positive life force which repeatedly saw the diva defying all odds by making one momentous comeback after another. “Judy crammed many lives into her 47 years,” he explains, “and in choosing three of those very distinct, yet eerily similar, moments in her life, I'm hoping to go beyond the mythical elements and find some universal truths.” The evening will feature songs from Judy Garland’s vast and eclectic songbook, each carefully chosen to illuminate the audience’s understanding of her complex personality. “I want people to have a new-found love for Judy once they’ve seen the show, and to have remembered their love for Judy in her many different guises – but, crucially, to have learned a little more about the real person behind the legend too. Elaine Stritch once, rather famously, said ‘there's a little bit of Judy Garland in all of us’, and I believe that to be true. Let's remember the legend and the lady; because she was, to coin a Judy phrase, quite marvellous.” Judy! is at The Arts Theatre, London, WC2H 7JB, from May 16th to June 17th.
  9. There’s no denying that cocks come in all shapes and sizes, but whether you’ve got a chipolata or tonsil twister, all beef bayonets work in the same way - and without the blood pumping, you can forget a good pounding. So how do you avoid the ultimate shame of not being able to perform? takes a cheeky look. No one loves a porker A shelf of flab suspended above your nether regions serves only two functions: 1. As somewhere to place your pint while ordering another and 2. As a prompt for someone to exclaim ‘fart and give us a clue’ when you drop your knickers and challenge them to pinpoint your Grand Canyon. Splurging on sugar can lead to decreased blood circulation in your body, with all paths leading back to your wanger. Rule number one: anything that is bad for your heart is also bad for your boner. Boozing and banging Everyone knows about Brewers’ droop. Too much booze may fuel your desire, but it can leave you lustful and limp when it comes to getting to full mast and staying there. A lifetime of heavy drinking damages your liver and your nerves which, in turn, affects sex hormone levels – leading to the dreaded erectile dysfunction. Sleeping as well as shagging Ensure that you use your bed for its primary function – sleeping, not just fucking. Too many sleepless nights slash your testosterone levels. Watch out for stress too, as this bolsters levels of the hormone adrenaline, thereby contracting blood vessels. Forget the fags Does anyone still think smoking is sophisticated? One sure fire way to get the gays to quit is to emphasise the impact that nicotine can have on your hardon. Again, it all comes down to making those blood vessels contract, meaning you'll barely be able to tap jelly let alone pummel the prostate. Sexy smoker? Don’t become a stay at home wife Spending too much time hiding indoors in darkened rooms (yes, beware Chillout Queens) means you’re cutting your exposure to Vitamin D, which has a knock-on effect on your testosterone levels, according to researchers. Exercise for erection This one surely shouldn’t be too hard for body-obsessed gays – regular exercise! Aerobic exercises such as running and swimming are the deadly enemies of erectile dysfunction. But a word of warning: avoid too much activity that puts excessive pressure on the perineum (that vital area between your balls and your bucket) – and yes, this could well include those dodgy sexual positions. Oh, and too much cycling has also been adversely linked to one’s ability to sustain a rigid crossbar. Work it, girl! But don’t become a steroid queen That Muscle Mary down the gym who won’t give you the time of day, well, guess what – she’s got less than a tantalising tool and more twitching toothpick down below. Anabolic steroids shrivel your scrote and sap its ability to create testosterone. Oh, and steroids can make you bald and very moody – AVOID!
  10. Old School Newbody Review Bodybuilding, "getting huge," "getting massive," or whatever you want to call it, has been marketed so aggressively that, like the weight loss industry, the process has been made out to me mysterious; as if there is some secret formula, a key ingredient, or a scientific arrangement of sets and reps that you should be doing that will 'make your muscles grow like never before!' Even worse is the fact that many people simply give up from information overload and conflicting information. Another common dismissal is the idea that 'all those guys are just using steroids.' While a great majority of the truly freaky-muscular bodybuilders do use steroids (and one huge amount of work) to get to that point, the idea that you can't make significant gains without drugs is simply not true. There are some hard and fast rules to gaining muscle, and each person will react a little differently, either slower or faster, to training. What is needed is for the trainee to be able to follow a solid program that works, and believe in that program enough to stay with it.
  11. Language Of Desire Review Communication: We must be able to openly communicate about responsibilities, touchy issues and the occasional emergency or disagreement when they arise. Communication encompasses asking questions or for help when needed and respectfully answering other people's questions. Communication also means returning phone calls and replying to email in a timely manner. Teamwork: When employees, managers and owners in our offices or businesses get along, everyone who enters our environment will be well aware of it. Camaraderie ultimately leads to everything going smoothly. Customers and venders will be more confident in their business dealings with us because they'll know we're all working toward a common goal. Compromise: Sometimes not everyone agrees to the best course of action in a particular situation, so being able to negotiate and compromise allows for a workable solution. Everyone can be happy with the outcome. Desire: There needs to be a mutual desire to continue and maintain the relationship by everyone involved. No relationship will survive if only one person is working on it.
  12. Is there such a thing as threesome etiquette? explores how to max out the fun and avoid those shameful moments… Just who do you want to get sticky with? Choose who you want to indulge with carefully. Throwing in an extra cock into a sexual relationship which makes necrophilia look hip and happening isn’t necessarily going to revive your desire for one another. In fact, it could well do the opposite and only serve to remind you just what a block of ice your so called “lover” is in the boudoir. If you do choose to play together, select your third party carefully: are they a psycho? Or perhaps even worse, are they a sexual dynamo who is only going to show you up and make you feel – and even worse, look – small and insignificant? Sometimes spontaneous threesomes can be the best – but make sure you’re both on the same page. Fellatio and flip flopping So, you’ve decided to play as a couple – now you need to work out what you’re up for. What you may hammer away like together to get gushing like Niagara isn’t necessarily what you may choose to do to a stranger. Perhaps you may wish to keep those “tweak my nipples and call me Norma” fantasies you’ve shared with one another over time private – or you may be quite happy to watch your partner embarrass himself; perhaps it’s even your secret fantasy…Either way, boundaries should be established if you’re in a relationship. If you’re off gallivanting alone, however- well, just try and keep it legal! Choose who you want to indulge with carefully... Mind your knobbly bits… And what you do with your teeth…Yes, tweaking his japs eye with that pointy little incisor of yours may well get your boyfriend screaming like a tart, but it could have quite an undesired effect on someone else. Just because there’s a hole there doesn’t mean you need to fill it. And for god's sake watch your limbs – there’s nothing worse than a robust jab in the ball sack as you try not to fall off the bed. Start slowly and get to know one another’s bodies before plunging in like Tom Daley. Oh, and if you want a chance of revving like a well-oiled machine rather than a rusty old mangle, lay off the booze. The little green-eyed monster v the big one-eyed monster Jealousy, of course. More good queens have been lost to the green-eyed monster than disease, starvation and war. Put simply, if you live with something out of Fatal Attraction don’t invite in some other poor, unsuspecting idiot. Avoid anyone who has feelings for your other half, because as soon as whatever you may have taken wears off the sight of your dearly beloved getting his backdoor banged in isn’t going to look quite so hot. Post-coital handbag fights are best avoided. Mmmm, learn to count… The clue is in the name: there are “three” of you. Is someone laying there like a disposed of tampon? Do they need an extra portion of the finger buffet? Are they sitting there all on their lonesome, flicking that little bean while Mr Insatiable blisters your Bratwurst? Share and share alike, ladies. Unless you’re shooting a threesome for Falcon Studios – in which case you really shouldn’t need this guide – one of you is likely to be the less attractive of the merry trio. Try not to ignore him for too long. Ok, so he’s got a face which suggests his mother probably had to smoke crack before she breast fed him, and understandably you would prefer not to truss him up like a turkey, but at least find it somewhere within your selfish little gay heart to slam in the lamb doggy style. Oh, and the sharing bit means that everyone does the mopping up afterwards – and if there’s nothing to mop up, well, you know it’s all been an unmitigated disaster, don’t you?
  13. Yoga Burn Dvd Review Kids yoga classes are different from adult yoga classes. Before you decide to become a kids yoga instructor, or start doing yoga with your class at school, you'll want to become familiar with these 8 dirty truths about teaching yoga to kids. The trigger could be being overtired, or not getting to lead the game, or feeling overwhelmed, or that somebody ran into them during Yoga Tag, or they are frustrated at not being able to do their favourite pose precisely when they wanted. Tears are part and parcel of kids learning about their emotions and how to handle life. After school yoga classes are especially prone to this response as kids have already put in a full day of learning, may not have had an adequate after school snack (low-blood sugar often causes emotional melt-downs), or may simply need a little TLC whereas the rest of the class wants to burn off excess energy. Laughter, chatting, roaring, barking, singing, energetic chanting and more are part of a yoga class for kids. Once a Grade 5 teacher asked me how to get her students to be quiet during yoga. My response: "Don't." Kids need to express themselves using all their senses and they will at every opportunity. I believe that happy noise is productive to learning. One rule, however, when the instructor talks everyone else listens. That way explanations and instruction can be given, and then activities can be fully interactive. So have fun, make some noise!
  14. All forms of geekery are very popular among gay men. But why? To mark Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You),'s Alex Hopkins hunts down some self-professed gay geeks and asks some probing questions! Andrew, 30 – the professional geek What does the term ‘geek’ mean to you? Someone who is enthusiastic about a hobby or interest – they just live and breathe it. What kind of tech are you interested in and why? I’m mostly into home automation tech and electronics. I work as a systems programmer for a company that installs high-end automation systems into some very high-end houses, so my interests and work merge nicely. How would you describe the ‘gay geek’ community? There’s a very active community – it’s thriving. Many gays that are geeks feel safe within this group. It’s very welcoming, and there seems to be little bitchiness. Why do you think gay men are particularly into their tech? I find this interesting. There seem to be two types of gay men: those who are into tech and those who take a more hands-off approach. Those who are into it love the novelty of the devices, I think. What are the two must-have tech products which gay men – and indeed anyone – should have which are on the market now? What is so great about these? The first item would be an iPhone®. Simple to operate, powerful and can interface with many devices. Yes, we’ve all had these items for a while, but more and more products are being developed to interface with them. The second would be the LightwaveRF ® system. You can control everything in your house from your phone or remotes. Lighting Curtains and heating can be interfaced. A truly powerful system. Tad (short for Tadpole) 30, a Nursery Nurse for 0-5-year-olds, and an Australian soap opera fanatic What does being a ‘gay geek’ mean to you? "Geek", for me, would be a term that I use to describe someone who is completely obsessed with something - whatever something that might be! Personally, I’m a total geek about celebrities – not the well-known A-listers, but more obscure, lesser known ones. For example, I buy DVDs based on who is in them, whether I've seen them or not, and know most of the cast from the (over 800) DVDs I've collected. But mostly I’m Neighbours and Home and Away freak. I can't remember a time I didn't watch those Australian soap operas. You may laugh, most people do! But I can tell you pretty much everything about both because I am, I admit, a fanatic! How would you describe the ‘gay geek’ community? Is there one? How welcoming have you found it? I'm sorry to say it, but I joined a lot of online groups expecting them to be warm and welcoming, but I didn’t have that experience. A lot of the guys and girls have a tunnel vision view on the term ‘geek’, and don't consider people with less obvious geeky obsessions real geeks. If you aren't a fan of their love and dare to say so, well let's not go there! I believe most think that if you aren't obsessed with tech, games, or anime of some sort, then leave! That's not to say I haven't had any nice experiences, though. I’ve spoken to and become friends with a few great people, and am an admin for the Gay Geeks UK page on Facebook. Everyone is welcome there! There’s no discrimination, and I haven't once had a negative word exchanged in all the time I’ve been there. We have a relatively small number of members now, but it’s been growing lately, so please, anyone that wants to come and tell us about their loves is welcome! It's great hearing about what makes people tick, what makes them happy! "Gay geekery is all about exploring a different world to the one in front of you" - Cheery Fakewell. Cheery Fakewell, 28, ‘gay drag queen geek.' What does being a ‘gay geek’ mean to you? It means liking things which aren't the mainstream, whether that be video games, comics or cosplay (a form of performance art in which participants wear costumes representing a particular character). It’s about exploring a different world to the one in front of you and realising that sports can be electronic and not just physical. Why let only this world be your oyster? What kind of games are you interested in and why? I am into RPGs [role-playing games] and games like League of Legends®. They offer an escape from reality. League of Legends® allows me to be connected to other gamers and be social with people when I might not have plans, or I’m doing a show. I also frequently have horror game nights with my friends where we will all take turns to play a game such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and scare ourselves shitless! How would you describe the ‘gay geek’ community? Is there one? How welcoming have you found it? I’ve been part of gay geeks groups on Facebook and part of Gaymer networks on PSN (PlayStation® Network). I'm also included in the drag scene and regularly perform and run a drag night. I encourage people to do cosplay drag if they want, and then you see some amazing costumes. The other day I did Him from The Power Puff Girls (US animated TV series) and will be playing Greta the Gremlin from the film The Gremlins for our drag show Jingle Hell. You get to meet all sorts or fabric Cosplayers especially at MCM London ComicCon where sexuality and gender seem to be fluid. Why do you think gay men are particularly into their games? Because it gives focus. It's just fun and a break from the real world. It's something cool that helps you bond with others over. It's an affordable hobby which you can indulge in your living room! What are the two must-have tech products which gay people – and indeed anyone – should have which are on the market now? PlayStation 4® and a smartphone. Long Beach, CA - USA - September 12, 2015: Star Wars Storm Trooper costume at The Long Beach Comic Con held at the Long Beach Convention Center. Sam, 25 What does being a ‘gay geek’ mean to you? It means everything! I've always been a bit of an odd one out, and I kind of found comfort in video games and anime. Finding the gay geeks community was like discovering a family I never knew I had, and feel like I fit in there. What are your geeky passions? I’m an all-around guy when it comes to tech. I play on the PC and console, but I also love card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering®, and I’ve just started playing Dungeons and Dragons. How would you describe the ‘gay geek’ community? Is there one? How welcoming have you found it? I've felt quite accepted by the community. I'm a little bit shy, but all the people I've spoken to have been great. Why do you think gay people are attracted to geeky pursuits and tech? Some people still believe that gay people are incapable of doing normal things - or they think that we do things in a 'queer' way. We love Tech because we want to escape that stereotypical view, and the fantasy characters it contains can help us feel more accepted, I think.
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  16. That is horrible, I was wondering what happened to your page. That isn't fair, is there any way of getting it back?
  17. I love the new website, just asked some friends to join
  18. It’s getting rather boring in the bedroom. In fact, it’s got to the point where you’re sitting there in your thermals watching reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race – or, even worse, Bette Davis movies. looks at how injecting some role play in the bedroom could put some spark back into your relationship. Teacher and Pupil Who didn’t have a crush on a hot teacher at school? There are, of course, laws against fulfilling these desires – but nothing to stop you acting them out in later life. Bend me over the desk, professor, and punish me with your 12-inch ruler, I’ve been such a very naughty boy and need to learn some good old-fashioned manners - the hard way! Priest and Sinner Ok, so you may be able to remember a fit teacher, but a parish priest you’d happily get on your knees for? Not so likely. But the great thing about fantasy is that it makes even the most unlikely scenarios possible – so stick out your tongue and have a taste of the real body of Christ! Grab a good leather flogger, chuck those rosary beads up your shoot and stick that crown of thorns round your shaft – you’ll be admonished for all those sins in no time at all. Policeman and Suspect Handcuffs, an oversized black baton and a throbbing, still hot car bonnet - well, you know the rest. Why not then take things to the next level? You’ve been banged up – literally – and you sure ain’t gonna get an easy time in the slammer – especially in the showers. Take things up to the next level with a throbbing baton Doctor and Patient You’ve seen the anal sex toys which resemble medieval torture devices – now all you need is an expert medical practitioner to show you exactly how to use them. Get your legs in those stirrups and brace yourself, he knows exactly what he’s doing… Coach and Player Twisted power dynamics are central to all types of role play. Become the lazy quarterback who is in urgent need of some extra practice from the sweaty coach. Or flip it and give the referee a very red card. These are great for gangs too: all those locker doors being swung open wide… Or how about something a little more unusual…? Pup and Handler Barking, sniffing, biting, shitting – yep, whatever turns you on really. You can make ‘pet play’ as complex as you like – and throw in as many demands -sit, kneel, beg - as suits. Then, of course, there are all the dodgy gimp masks you can wear, which can be adapted for practically any animal – you sex beast! Batman v Superman Or, in other words, who is going to get their back doors banged in here? It’s a fight to the last, and there can be only one victor. Check out this porn parody to see what can happen… Merman and Fisherman As a kid, didn’t you want to be Daryl Hannah in the movie Splash, saved by that hot…ok, well maybe not Tom Hanks, but you get the drift. You’ll do anything to be rescued by that fisherman with his humongous hook… Santa and Naughty Child Forget being good – what you want is to be on his naughty list and have your stocking stretched to breaking point. Big beards and even bigger balls equal the ultimate Daddy fantasy. Now be a good boy and sit on my knee while I have a rummage with my sack.
  19. I don't care about size. A big dick doesn't mean good sex. I'm about hot, sweaty, passionate sex.
  20. Always.
  21. I love to swallow. Why work so hard for a creamy reward if you're just going to waste it?
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  23. If he’s rich, cultured and gorgeous, he is probably a psychopath. Is your guy too good to be true? Do you see some behaviour which concerns you? If so perhaps you’ve hooked up with the Patrick Bateman of the gay world? Alex Hopkins shows you how to distinguish Mr Perfect from Mr Perfectly Vile. You’re not the priority Dating should be fun. If it feels like pulling teeth, move on. Sure, there’s such a thing as ‘the chase’, but when it feels like you’re running the Boston Marathon while inside an oxygen tent, forget it. If he’s interested in you, he’ll make time to see you – and you won’t be the one always taking the initiative and doing all the running. He’s a compulsive liar It takes time to get to know someone, and of course, it’s foolhardy to reveal everything about your life within the first few dates but beware the guy who is withholding too much. Secrets aren’t necessarily sexy, particularly when you find out there’s another boyfriend on the go, your dream date goes under three different names and the income he says comes from running an “art shop” is in fact derived from his extremely busy “arse shop”. Google is your friend. Everything is sexual The first thing he asks you, as you sip your drink, is how many times a week you wank. Then he chooses the moment you’re biting into that Quarter Pounder with Cheese to ask what sort of porn you prefer – oh, and to casually drop in the fact that he’s considering a little foray into the porn industry himself, would mind? The killer, of course, is when you come back from the toilet to find him checking out his Grindr – or slipping the bartender his phone number. He’s rude to “little people” It was legendary bitch hotelier Leona Helmsley who famously quipped “only little people pay taxes”, just before being banged up for massive tax fraud. Beware of the queen who thinks what he does for a living and what he earns makes him better than others. Some gays wear their privilege like a colostomy bag. If he’s rude to the waiter, he’ll turn against you in time – so be warned. He’s a star fucker Everything about him is immaculate, just too polished. He’s dripping in designer labels, and when you check out his Instagram you see him posing and pouting like a wannabee pop star – in fact, a little more digging and you find out he is a wannabee pop star – and worse still, a reject from the X Factor. Perhaps that’s why he’s been not too subtly asking you about your “friends” (i.e. connections). And just who is that older, fatter guy he’s with in those Facebook photographs? His ‘manager’, naturally. There’s always been a fine line between ‘networking’ and prostitution. He’s a control freak There have been signs all along, but you’ve ignored them. At first, you find the possessiveness nice – it shows he’s really into you – but the questions about where you’ve been and who you’ve seen become endless, and the implication that you’re getting pounded by every male friend you have is rather tedious. And then there’s his apartment: the colour coordinated closet, the endless bottles of bleach, the neatly stacked tins in the kitchen with the labels all facing the same way. He’ll probably pass you hand sanitizer and dental floss before you nosh him off – and, no, of course, he won’t reciprocate. Yep, he’s a narcissist He’s charmed your mother. He can talk his way out of bankruptcy. He whips his t-shirt off at every conceivable opportunity. He screams if he doesn’t get his way. He boasts about fucking gay models and porn stars. He demands respect from bin men. He has a library of films cataloguing his sexual exploits, which he plays on a loop. And then, just when you think things can’t get any worse, you find a copy of Donald Trump’s “Think Big and Kick Ass” under the bed. Run for the hills. Ever had a nightmare boyfriend? Share in the forum!
  24. From the article about nightmare boyfriends.... have you ever had crazy one? What did they do? Share your funny anecdotes or stories.
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