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  6. It's 2018 almost all the people have access on the internet and the disadvantage of it ,some are just looking for fun and games unlike before people seems so serious looking for serious relationship...Is it possible to find someone real people online?
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    It exists. When you feel sorrow because that person is away. When you strive to give solutions to his problems, when you can sleep thinking on the next time you will be together. When you smile when you get a mental picture of him. When you get goose bumps when he touches you. When you kiss in the mornings after waking up. When you wake up before he does to make him breakfast. When you allow time to pass waiting for him and you don’t mind. When you are performing the ultimate act-sex and you are so giving that you unselfishly give all to ensure you provoke pleasure thru passion and at the same time you selfishly make it your own, you will be able to SEE Love.
  9. You’re perennially single, and your infuriating best friend is always in a relationship. It just seems so unfair. But is the life of a gay serial monogamist perfect? Gays.com looks at the reality behind the ‘happy for now’. Can gay serial monogamists be alone? Life as a single gay man can be tough. Sure, there are times that it’s fun that your front (or back) entrance resembles a revolving door at a major department store during the January sales. But on other occasions, the loneliness is suffocating. However, the major difference between you and your gay serial monogamist friend is that you know how to be alone. You’ve mastered independence and only have yourself to rely upon. Many gay serial monogamists simply can’t stand being alone. They may suffer from unhealthy traits like co-dependence, relying too heavily on their partner, or even love addiction. And when that partner vanishes, as all men eventually do, your friend is as lost as Dorothy before she got to that Yellow Brick Road. Do gay serial monogamists only live for the moment? As you look on with envy at your gay serial monogamist friend, asking why you can’t find a husband, take stock. Many gay serial monogamists are merely living for the moment. It’s time for you to keep a log of how long their relationships actually last. The prospect of marriage likely terrifies them. Yes, they are oh so hideously smug about their “boyfriend” or “husband”, dropping his name at every conceivable opportunity. However, given that they make Elizabeth Taylor look like a paragon of staying power in a relationship, is your lifestyle of rampant sex with half of the neighbourhood that different? The truth is they may be no closer to finding a husband than you. And you’re creating much more scandal in the process. Are gay serial monogamists just serial daters? Once you’ve started your log of your gay serial monogamist friend’s dalliances, it’s time to do some probing analysis. There is a fine line between being in a relationship and just dating. What sort of commitments have these guys really made to one another? Then there are the frankly noxious ideas about ‘respectable gays’, which are as prevalent and difficult to eradicate these days as a particularly aggressive outbreak of scabies. Are gay serial gay monogamists just too hung up on fitting in? Dating can become as meaningless and painful as a spit ‘n shove hookup if you don’t hammer at it from the right angle. Serial shagger or a serial gay monogamist? Mmm, hang on, doesn’t ‘serial’ just mean ‘temporary’? And here’s the crux of the matter: the very word ‘serial’ suggests a temporary set up. At some point, the relationship is going to go tits up. There will be magnificently ugly scenes, slander, sordid recriminations and a handbag fight on the EasyJet back from Gran Canaria. All very unseemly, but also rather perfect, because it’s highly probable that the gay serial monogamist is hopelessly addicted to drama. All of those wonderful things that are so often associated with relationships (intimacy, romance, great sex) can also be found in just one afternoon of spontaneous pillow biting. It’s all about chemistry. Indeed, the connection you may find with a guy in a one-time hookup could be more worthwhile than yet another two-month ‘’happy ever after’ of the gay serial monogamist. Do gay serial monogamists know what they want? The reality is inescapably vile: there is far too much societal pressure not to be single. There was once a time when this did not apply so much to gay men. However, in the age of equal marriage, some gay men may feel that they have failed if they’re not in a relationship. But are those gay men who parade proudly (and often obnoxiously) from one boyfriend to another as terrified of being single as they are as spending the rest of their life (or at least a good five years) sharing a Louis Vuitton travel trunk with just one guy? In the often tawdry, frequently humiliating and unexpectedly joyous bring-and-buy sale that is the human heart, it is all too easy to forget what we really want and feel. The timeless truth is that love and a meaningful relationship takes work. Yes, the spark must be there, but once the honeymoon is over, you’re going to have to invest time and patience to build a solid future which satisfies each of your often different needs. All of this takes more time and effort than both a serial shagger or a serial gay monogamist is willing to expend. But only by getting out there and trying all options with new, different types of guys can you even stand a chance of finding your dream. Looking to meet a guy for that one everlasting happy relationship or just another one of many? Explore all possibilities by dating with Gays.com.
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  11. Despite the increase in gender fluidity across society, many guys still feel uncomfortable talking about what they put on their face. We take a look at the changing attitudes towards male grooming and makeup for men and asked celebrity hairdresser turned beauty expert, Steven Smith his top picks of makeup products. Pioneers in makeup for men Makeup for men is becoming an increasingly lucrative business. In July 2017, website giant ASOS announced that it would be stocking pioneering makeup for men brand MMUK Man. Launched in 2012, MMUK Man has revolutionised ideas about men wearing makeup and now offers a stunning range of products from foundation to kohl eyeliner. Then, of course, there are the high-end products from luminaries such as Tom Ford. Gender, masculinity and makeup for men The ability to order makeup for men online is not only convenient, but it means that men do not have to buy products at beauty counters. The belief that makeup is just for women dies hard, meaning that many men still feel nervous when buying beauty products in stores. Meaningless ‘gender norms’ and outmoded notions of ‘masculinity’ still haunt us, sadly. Attitudes to men and makeup are changing. Changing attitudes to male grooming and makeup for men Makeup for men is still a niche market, but all evidence points to it growing. Furthermore, men are becoming increasingly open about wearing makeup. Of course, it’s helped that some of the fashion giants are now using men to front major campaigns. For example, this year social media star Manny Gutierrez became Maybelline’s first male face makeup ambassador. This is no longer just about Johnny Depp dabbing on the eyeliner. These days, we all need to be selfie-ready! Makeup for men is for all skin issues! In the quest for perfect skin, there’s a solution to every problem when it comes to makeup for men. Bronzers can cover blotchiness and rosacea (try Jane Iredale H/E Bronzer for Men). Moreover, crafty concealers such as Menaji Camo can erase those under-eye dark circles from too many nights of shame. Additionally, there’s the booming industry of men’s tinted moisturisers such as Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 35, because we all know how many men despise sagging skin! Celebrity hairdresser turned beauty expert, Steven Smith, gives us his must-haves for makeup for men. 1. Eye Dew Dazzling Eye Drops Add a little Blue Dazzling Eye to brighten your eyes before you shower and then remove any excess. You can then take a clear one out and about and top it up when required as you don’t want a blue face! 2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat 2.5 ml No. 1 Luminous Radiance Radiant Touch Concealer Every make-up artist has Touche Eclat in their bag of tricks, as do many men who are in the know. The great thing about this product is that it’s inconspicuous. For example, it’s easy to hide in your jeans. Apply it under the eyes and then gently blend and you’re set to give the man of your desire than winning wink. Great for late night clubbing or if you just want to look your best in a hurry. 3. MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil You can’t go wrong with MAC makeup. The eye pencil is a must for every boy this season and is a favourite for everyone from RuPaul to Madonna. The secret is to use it gently to make the eyes stand out. However, a more heavily created look screams “I am yours!” 4. MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation This is not only a choice for the Hollywood stars but also great on the dance floor. It promises flawless skin which will make you shine under those strobes. It’s apparently a favourite of Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt, so who are we to argue with that? 5. Clinique High Impact Lash Elevating Mascara This Mascara is great for droopy eyes. Triple its effects by using it with an eyelash curler for those big nights! You can also use a clear mascara or volumising mascara to enhance those lush lashes. Another product favoured by celebs! A word of warning: if you’re using a colour volume mascara, ensure to wipe off the excess if you want to maintain a masculine look. Of course, if you’re going for pretty boy dazzling then apply it in spades! Steven Smith is the author of the memoir, It Shouldn’t Happen to a Hairdresser. Are you a guy who adds makeup to your daily routine? Are the tips above spot on or do you have better suggestions? Let us know in the gays.com forum.
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  14. Yes. I agree totally. That is what I am seeking especially your last paragraphs on your discussion. Is there anyone out there looking for real love and trustworthy person?! Sincerely from Jakey
  15. Brace yourself; wigs are gonna fly! This January the best of the queens are back in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season Three. We look at the glamorous competitors – minus the tenth mystery girl. Who could she be? Aja Hailing from Brooklyn, Aja will forever be remembered for her mighty diss of Valentina way back in an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked: when she compared her to Linda Evangelista. While nerves were arguably Aja’s undoing last time around, if she gets them in check, she could well scale the dizzy heights of divadom. No mean feat, but when it comes to live performance and good old-fashioned showbiz pizzazz, this girl has got it! BenDeLaCreme The Sass from Seattle, BenDeLaCreme boasts an enviable set of drag skills, not least of all being an established burlesque performer. Famed for her indelible performances of solo shows Terminally Delightful and Cosmo on season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she’s fierce and far from fragile! Despite vowing never to do Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars, and slamming those TV producers, she’s back and ready to rock. A standing ovation for Miss Congeniality herself! Chi Chi DeVayne No relation to infamous porn director Chi Chi LaRue, but arguably just as indomitable, Chi Chi DeVayne held her own in season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race, even if her wardrobe left much to be desired. Was it low-budget glamour or merely scaled-up trailer trash? The jury's still out! However, when it came to sheer comedy and acting prowess she seized that crown. If she gets her styling right, she may just go all the way… Kennedy Davenport Even the name oozes class, doesn’t it? This tumultuous Texan is not to be messed with and made her mark in season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Supremely elegant – even (in fact, especially!) when doing the splits and kicks, there seems to be nothing this girl can’t do. Kennedy's assured performances certainly make her a frontrunner for the coveted drag crown. Her Achilles heel? She needs to sex up those sewing skills. Milk Those New York queens sure aren’t shy and retiring, as proven by Milk who was one of the standouts in RuPaul’s Drag Race season six. With her innovative and fearless use of beards and boy drag, Milk is arguably one of the most interesting and progressive stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race so far. It’s all about the gender-fucking, darling! Yes, there may be some shortcomings in her acting and comedy. However, her intriguing yet utterly bizarre promise to grab that crown by “doing a triple axel jump…wearing a beard. And pregnant” will keep us all transfixed! Morgan McMichaels Show me a gay man who doesn’t secretly love a catfight, and I’ll show you a lesbian who doesn’t volunteer down the local cat sanctuary. Oh, how we simply adored watching the hair fly in Morgan McMichaels’ legendary catfights in season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race. This queen is as accomplished and immaculately styled as she is thrilling to watch. It’s all about the drama, darling, and it’s going to be a brave (or stupid) queen who takes this one on! Shangela Well, hello you Halleloo-La-Hoop girls, does saucy Shangela Laquifa Wadley have any weaknesses at all? The unforgettable Californian star of season two and three of RuPaul’s Drag Race just gets up, brushes herself off, adjusts her slap and gets on with it! What a trooper! A definite frontrunner, it’s tough to find anyone who rivals Shangela’s consummate acting and performance skills. Yes, a little work may be required on the sometimes rather crude makeup, but otherwise, there’s no disputing that this girl’s got star quality. Thorgy Thor There’s a second Brooklyn broad vying for the crown this time around, so Aja best watch it. Thorgy Thor proved herself to be a formidable performer back in season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and one can expect similarly mesmerising antics this time around. She may not be up there as a frontrunner, but she promises endless entertainment along the way. Trixie Mattel Trixie has created a real profile for herself since graduating from season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race. There’s been the (surprisingly good) music and The Trixie and Katya Show – both of which have shown her to be a girl with genuine talent. Moreover, the makeup is faultless, and the singing is up there with the best. But will she bring the same level of success to All Stars as she has in her independent ventures? Those other girls best watch their backs. All Stars season 3 will premiere on January 25, 2018 on VH1 Are you a drag race fan? What are your predictions for the top 3? Start a thread in the Gays.com forum. All images: RuPaul's Drag Race Wiki. David Lachapelle.
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  17. What are the challenges of a long-distance relationship? Our tips will show you how to keep the flame alive for your man. Challenges of a long-distance relationship 1: jealousy and infidelity Let’s face it; this is what we’re all anxious about in a long-distance relationship. Will our beloved be whipping off his pants for all and sundry on the other side of the world? It all comes down to trust. Just how solid is your relationship? Do you think it can withstand the long-distance challenge? These are the questions you need to have in an open and honest discussion before you embark upon a long-distance relationship. It’s normal to be a little jealous, but you need to keep things in perspective. The first thing to do is grant your partner freedom of choice. Allow them to do whatever they wish – but be clear what the consequences will be to your relationship. You both need to agree on these. Then you need to minimise temptation – for both of you. So, no more hook-up apps for a start. Schedule regular cam sex sessions with your beau and discover new ways of keeping things sexy Challenges of a long-distance relationship 2: sex starvation You’re a human being – and, more importantly, a gay man – so stop pretending not having sex is not going to be a problem. You must set ground rules from the start. Will you open your relationship up temporarily while you’re separated? If so, what will that involve? Will repeat performances with the same guy be permitted? Of course, the easy solution is to incorporate a regular cam sex session into your diaries. This can be as exciting and risqué as you like. Have fun with it. You may find yourself discovering all manner of new role plays and saucy fetishes. Challenges of a long-distance relationship 3: Communication Before you get frisky over Skype though, you need to have a proper conversation. Being separated means you’re going to have to work harder at this. For one thing, you lose much of the body language and all the touchy-feely stuff you take for granted. To keep the emotional and intellectual aspects of your long-term relationship alive, you need to make an extra effort. Expand the topics of your conversations. Never be boring. Make them interactive. You can even play games on Skype – and not just the sexy ones. Be hilarious, engaging, witty and passionate about whatever you’re doing. Challenges of a long-distance relationship 4: managing fights It’s inevitable. There will come a time when you have a full-blown fight. A screaming row – over Skype. It’s going to be devastating, and you’ll probably have a poor connection too which will only magnify the drama. You need to keep arguments to a bare minimum. Constant communication is the key – not constant bickering. When you do have that almighty blow-up, you need to settle things quickly. Don’t start a long-distance relationship war. The longer you brood and fume about it, the more unlikely you are to resist all temptation and violate your favourite waiter in your new favourite restaurant in that exotic clime you’ve found yourself in. Keep arguments to a bare minimum and don't let them turn into a long-distance relationship war Challenges of a long-distance relationship 5: cutting the clubbing Gay men love attention. They demand to be admired. Your man won’t be any different in this regard just because you are apart. Those lonely nights will come calling and before you know it his Facebook feed will be full of unseemly pictures of him cavorting with go-go dancers. Your challenge is to stay sane and accept that he is just having fun. Don’t become paranoid. But at the same time, both of you need to limit opportunities for extra-curricular activities. Forty-eight-hour benders are not the way to go – especially after you’ve had the before mentioned fight. Challenges of a long-distance relationship 6: managing the future If you’re entering or moving into a long-distance relationship, the ideal scenario is to know how long you’re going to be separated. It helps you keep a vital sense of perspective. Are you going to be apart for a set period? Is there a good reason for this? And is this a good reason for both of you? Mutual respect and understanding about why you’re here are integral to the success of a long-distance relationship – as is the knowledge that one day, not too far away, you’ll be reunited in a rampant celebratory frenzy of romance and filthy sex! Challenges of a long-distance relationship 7: missing him unbearably The greatest challenge of them all: you miss him like crazy. You think about him all the time. You physically ache for him. The good news: these are the feelings that are going to keep you together, no matter what. You’re in it for the long haul here. But what can you do to ease the loneliness and the incredible longing for him? Devote yourself to activities for a set period – say 30 minutes or an hour. Logic says that eventually, you’ll start to see time as limited – including the time that you’re apart from your man. It’ll also help to divide time into intervals and just concentrate on that particular moment. And, above all, do the things that make you happy. Have you been in a long-distance relationship? Got any other good advice? Log in to Gays.com and share your experience.
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  20. Christmas can be a difficult time – particularly for gay guys. In true Gays.com tongue-in-cheek style, we've got nine tips to follow for surviving Christmas time. Surviving Christmas as a gay man tip 1: Remember ‘tis the season to be fake! The first rule to surviving Christmas is to keep things in perspective. Christmas is just one day in the year. Don’t get over stressed about it. What’s there to love about Christmas? The enforced jollification at an exorbitant price. The sales with the parades of naff, flatulent straights who’ve spent days gorging themselves as they smile demurely and pretend they don’t loathe one another. It’s all faker than Melania Trump’s lips. Bah Humbug! Chill out, and you’re on your way to having an easier time already. Simply put on your best fake smile and drink up! Surviving Christmas as a gay man tip 2: Managing ‘Family time’ Being the fairy on top of the Christmas tree can be lonely. Even still, year upon year many of us gay men are hoodwinked into spending the season with people who don’t get us. Anxiety, cold stares and blazing arguments frequently follow. If you can’t find an excuse to get out of it, how can you survive Christmas as a gay man? Surviving Christmas as a gay man tip 3: Dealing with the bigots The first challenge is how to deal with the conservative or plain old bigoted family members? We all have them! Other than reaching for industrial quantities of Valium, what can gay men do? Avoiding lame jokes about stuffing while chopping up the turkey should be a given. Wrapping ‘special’ gifts for homophobic relatives is certainly a temptation but is perhaps best avoided. Having said that, the look on that homophobic uncle’s face as you pass a flashing cock ring off as just another tree decoration could well be worth it. However, the best advice is probably just to grin and bear it as auntie Nora starts droning on about how marriage is between a man and a woman. And then remind yourself that she probably hasn’t had an orgasm since 1965. Yep, we hear ya! Surviving Christmas as a gay man tip 4: Set a time limit for family festivities Ok, so you can’t get out of the annual family misery fest that is Christmas day. You’re bracing yourself for the usual alcohol-induced assassination or character and morals. You have the family sized prescription for anti-depressants ready by Christmas day. Go along, get it over with, and then make your excuses and leave. Us gay men should always strictly limit Christmas family time. Surviving Christmas as a gay man tip 5: Beware of being homo alone Spending Christmas day all alone may well sound like a great idea. It’s one sure-fire way for gay men to get away from unwanted family. But no matter how many box-sets you’ve got lined up, there will come a moment where you feel excruciatingly lonely – and single. Don’t do it. Surviving Christmas as a gay man tip 6: Logical, gay family rather than biological family It was writer Armistead Maupin who drew the distinction, for gay men, between biological family and logical family. Logical family are the friends that gay men choose to be family. They are your gay family. Why not spend Christmas with them? Have yourself a fabulous gay family christmas instead! Surviving Christmas as a gay man tip 7: Plan your alternative gay family Plan a truly fabulous alternative Christmas with your gay family. Carbs galore, a box set of Dynasty, sambuca-fuelled Queens’ Christmas speeches, and a blue fright wig stolen from a particularly venomous drag queen are just a few ideas. Be inventive and be outrageous. Whatever you plan for your alternative Christmas day, it’s going to be better than awkward conversation over mushy brussels sprouts with uncle Brian about everything from the state of the economy to his prolapsed bowel. Surviving Christmas as a gay man rule 8: Forget about the expectations Christmas brings so many expectations, is it any wonder that we end up disappointed? Many of these expectations just don’t sit well with the alternative lifestyles that gay men have created. The secret to a truly gay Christmas is choosing what works for you. Listen to your gut instinct. If you know spending too much time with your family could lead to a nervous breakdown then don’t do it. Prioritise your gay family. Surviving Christmas as a gay man rule 9: Remember people can change In an ideal world perhaps we would combine our biological family with our logical, gay family. And some of us are now able to do that. People are becoming more tolerant. Attitudes change over time, and your lovely church-going mother may well yet surprise you. Looking for the perfect guy to fill your Christmas stocking this year? Join Gays.com for free and see what comes down your chimney. Image credits: Kevin Dooley and Elvert Barnes. Flickr Creative Commons
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  22. The term 'HIV undetectable' is one familiar with most gay men, but it’s also perhaps the most misunderstood HIV status. Alex Hopkins looks at what this means for you and your sexual health. U = U. Undetectable = Untransmittable Advances in antiretroviral therapy (ART) have led to major developments in HIV treatment since the 1980s. The virus is no longer a life sentence, and with effective antiretroviral medication, people can live a full and healthy life. An HIV positive person can become HIV undetectable when their viral load becomes undetectable. That happens when the amount of HIV in that person’s blood is too minuscule to be detected through testing in a lab. Consequently, this undetectable viral load means that HIV transmission is 96% less likely. Better still, there is no reason that this should change, so long as the person remains under HIV treatment and keep taking their antiretroviral medication. Judging HIV undetectable guys There has always been too much shaming surrounding HIV. Too often gay men will judge one another based upon their HIV status, bandying about terms like “slut” and “unclean”. Those who may have tested negative five years previously, but have not taken a test since may still loudly proclaim that they’re ‘negative’. Furthermore, the same people may refuse to have sex with gay men who are HIV positive – even with a condom or any type of HIV preventing protection from fear of HIV transmission. Education is key in changing attitudes towards HIV – and this includes vital information on what HIV undetectable means, and crucially how to achieve it. Group of gay men in West Hollywood, CA at the Aids Walk. Photo credit: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com Still more stigma over HIV status One sadly too common form of prejudice is the view that men with an HIV undetectable status have nothing better to do than lure HIV negative men into risky sexual antics. Such an attitude conveniently forgets that both partners have a responsibility for their sexual health. The shame and blame game has never been far where HIV is concerned. What does an HIV undetectable status say? Rather than casting aspersions on the personality and sex life of a guy who is HIV undetectable, let’s look at the facts. It tells us that this is someone who has been tested for HIV. It tells us that he has then taken responsibility for his sexual health through decisive action. It also shows us that this man is undergoing HIV treatment. Moreover, he has become compliant with antiretroviral medication to such an extent that he has seen a life-changing payback – HIV is now undetectable in his blood. Surely such a guy should be applauded, not shamed. Being honest about your HIV status Coming out as HIV+ is difficult. However, too many gay men are vague about their status or rely on results given years ago. Regular HIV testing is still not widespread enough. And it is only through regular HIV testing that we can combat the epidemic, by getting gay men on meds which lead to an HIV undetectable status. Those gay men who shout about being HIV undetectable are to be celebrated. Being HIV undetectable - a new conversation We urgently need to have further discussions about what HIV undetectable means. ‘Slut-shaming’ and dismissive, wounding terms such as ‘unclean’ must be eradicated when we talk about gay men and sex. Uninformed generalisations when it comes to HIV status are more than unproductive – they are dangerous. Similarly, stereotypes which cast HIV undetectable gay men as reckless and irresponsible over sexual health must be stamped out. The opposite is indeed the case: HIV undetectable gay men are leading the way in fighting the epidemic through openness and honesty. Furthermore, through doing so, they are challenging the destructive narrative of guilt which has surrounded HIV for far too long. Are you HIV undetectable? Have you experienced shaming comments? Log in to Gays.com and share your experiences.
  23. The LGBT rights movement has come a remarkably long way in a short space of time – but what impact is the Trump presidency having on LGBT politics and equality in the US? Gays.com takes a look. Donald Trump on the issues Before the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, activists were very vocal in their concerns about what a Trump presidency could mean for millions of LGBT Americans. The messages, however, were mixed: on the one hand, Trump appeared to be the most LGBT friendly Republican nominee in a very long time, and yet those that surrounded him, most notably his running mate Mike Pence, seemed to be staunchly anti-LGBT. Pence himself was even said to have once supported gay conversion therapy. No wonder people were anxious. So many questions remained unanswered: what would happen to gay marriage and adoption rights? Would LGBT people still be able to serve in the military? Would the election of a man who had run such a controversial and divisive campaign legitimise prejudice against minorities? And, if so, would government itself even play a hand in promoting such discrimination? In such tumultuous times, and under such a capricious leader, anything – LGBT people feared – may be possible. Not as bad as it could be? So, the positives first: the Trump presidency has not seen LGBT activists’ worst fears come true – not yet, at least. Same-sex marriage – arguably the most significant achievement in LGBT rights – has not been rolled back. However, while it was once thought that the 2015 Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage would usher in a new era of tolerance and acceptance, this does not seem to have been the case… Goodbye to feeling safe Most worryingly, a recent survey showed that almost 75% of LGBT people feel less safe under a Trump presidency. Perhaps more alarming still, in the same poll, 37% of respondents said that they had been on the receiving end of some level of discrimination due to their sexuality or gender since Trump took office. Let’s look in more detail at why LGBT Americans may be feeling so unsafe. What are the real issues that are threatening to turn LGBT politics back decades? Anti-Trump demo in New York City. January 2017. Judged by the company you keep Things hardly got off to an auspicious start with Mike Pence, but the appointment of a highly Conservative Justice to the Supreme Court, which now has a conservative majority, did nothing to ease people’s worries. And then there’s the small matter of the Republicans controlling both the White House and Congress. The net result and its implications for legal protections inevitability make LGBT people feel extremely insecure. It also hardly helps matters when Cabinet members, appointed by Trump, have a record of being decidedly anti-gay marriage. As Aesop said, “a man is known by the company he keeps”… Religious bigotry Organised religion has long been the biggest threat to LGBT people. Trump’s Religious Liberty Executive Order will, activists claim, give people and organisations a broad remit to discriminate against LGBT people on religious grounds. According to Sarah Kate Ellis of GLAAD, the Executive Order is a “slippery slope of a license to discriminate”. LGBT Americans will be watching this very carefully. Transgender rights But by far the most significant rollbacks in LGBT legislation are those impacting transgender people. In February, the Trump administration rolled back protections for transgender school children which were brought in during Barack Obama’s presidency. This meant that trans children would not be permitted to use school bathroom facilities which matched their chosen gender identity. But, worse was to come with Trump’s proposed ban on transgender people serving in the military. There has, thankfully, been widespread condemnation of this ban, and in the second ruling against the policy, on November 22nd, a federal judge blocked all aspects of the president’s directives. But the fight is far from over. Trump - A real friend? One of the most disturbing consequences of Trump’s presidency is a rise in virulent homophobia from right-wingers. It’s almost as if such people feel that now that they are serving under such a controversial and outspoken president, they too have full license to say whatever they wish, no matter how deeply offensive and riddled with hatred it may be. Moreover, Donald Trump’s failure to condemn such figures for their anti-LGBT views certainly does not mark him out as the “real friend” to the LGBT community that he promised to be during his election campaign. That, alone, should be a stark warning to us all.
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